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Our Top 5 Plastic Free July Tips

June 25, 2020

In 2019 alone, 825 million kg of plastic waste was avoided thanks to Plastic Free July. This meant that participants reduced their waste and recycling by at least 23kg each. In this blog we'll talk about what Plastic Free July is about, how to start your plastic free journey and some of our favourite products that made a...

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How to Make Plastic Free Nut Milk

June 15, 2020

We’re going NUTS for Less Waste, Zero Additives and More Value!

In this blog we'll talk about where to start when reducing the plastic packaged products in your fridge, the benefits of making your own nut milk and our favourite DIY uses for the Nut Mil...

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Why and How to Make the Switch to Natural Deodorant

May 18, 2020

Where do I start when going toxin-free? This is a common question I get asked. Deodorant is a big one and it's because antiperspirants stop your body from performing a natural function...sweating!

In this blog we talk about why you should make the switch from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant, what causes BO, why an armpit detox is important, the 'transition' phase and which zero waste natural deodorant is the most suita...

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5 Reusable Alternatives to Plastic Cling Wrap

May 15, 2020

Cling wrap leaches nasties onto your food, takes up to a thousand years to degrade and releases toxic greenhouse gases whilst sitting in landfill! Eeeek!

It’s time to break up with this single use ‘must have’ (pffft *rolls chin back into neck*) and try out reusable options that are good for you and the planet! Here’s 5 waaaay better reusable, plastic free and toxin free alternatives ...

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April 21, 2020

Here are 10 simple and sustainable tips and habits to add into your everyday life to help combat climate change. Whatever step you take, you are making a difference. Keep reminding yourself of that as you embark on your zero waste, toxin free and sustainable journey. You've got this!
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15 Ways to Re-use a Glass Mason Jar

April 21, 2020

15 fun and easy ways to re-use a glass mason jar. Eco friendly and sustainable tips to reduce your waste and develop a circular mindset.
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10 ways to love yourself and the planet...

February 05, 2020

We've created a 10 day challenge on ways to practice self love and love for the earth. It contains easy and rewarding tasks to focus on each day, involving self care, DIY's, exercise & more that will leave your heart feeling full. Read more to embark on the journey with us!
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Where to start when going toxin-free...

January 22, 2020

Going toxin-free can be easy, exciting, empowering and rewarding. In this blog we share our tips and ideas on where and how to start your journey.
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How you can help during the fires!

January 07, 2020

Try and swap your daily coffee or latte, or that acai bowl you love so much to donate (however small) to the people and wildlife in need.

Because they need you right now.

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How to deal with Eco Anxiety caused by the challenge of climate change

July 09, 2019

The headlines of extreme weather, rising temperatures, bleached reefs, sea levels rising & choking oceans are all over the news and your socials. Being constantly surrounded by negative news can trigger the effects of Eco Anxiety.

What is Eco Anxiety?

Eco Anxiety is feeling overwhelmed by the challenge of climate change and the survival of our pla...

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Plastic Free July: Zero Hero Challenge

July 03, 2019

Plastic Free July has begun!

This is our favourite month of the year because it promotes a global movement to reduce plastic pollution and give love to mamma earth!

To celebrate Plastic Free July we’ve created a 31 day guide filled with earth loving tips, recipes & alternatives to Read More

Benefits of Rose Quartz and Naturopathic Skin Care Products

June 25, 2019

Daylesford Apothecary’s Rose Quartz range is ideal for those that avoid mainstream skincare at all costs and search for a unique yet nourishing option. This range is ideal for soothing and...
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