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Easy and Fun Ways to Protect and Nourish Your Baby's Skin Through Winter

June 05, 2019

Baby wearing beanie

After leaving mammas protective and warm belly, the only barrier between bub and the outside world is their skin, which is up to up to five times thinner than adults. But that's not all. Did you know:

  1. It is harder for their skin to retain moisture. Their barrier function has not completely developed, making it more prone to dryness, redness, itchiness and skin conditions such as eczema.
  1. Their skin is more permeable (has fewer elastic fibres) than adult skin. This means more substances are able to pass through, at a faster rate and to a deeper level. 
    So if your little one needs some extra hydration throughout the colder winter months (like my oldest), make sure the products are truly safe and without stripping away their natural oils. 


    go for zerotoxins in bubs skincare



    Jack and Jill are mostly known for their yummy toothpastes that will have your kiddies chanting to brush their teeth. However, they also have amazing bath & body ranges that feature 3 cheeky animals, which all have different ingredients and benefits depending on bubs skin type. We've got the Sensitive Rabbit, Snoozy Hippo & Happy Koala. Each animal includes a Moisturiser ($14.95), Bubble Bath ($12.95) & a Shampoo & Wash ($12.95) 

    1. THE SENSITIVE RABIT - called Simplicity (Ideal for newborns and irritated skin)

    Jack n Jill Rabbit Simplicity Bubble BathJack n Jill Rabbit Simplicity Shampoo and Body WashJack n Jill Rabbit Simplicity Moisturiser

    The Simplicity range is unscented and hypoallergenic, making it gentle and highly nourishing for for newborns and children with sensitive or irritated skin.

    2. THE SNOOZY HIPPO - called Serenity (Calming)

    Jack and Jill Serenity Hippo Bubble Bath Jack n Jill Serenity Hippo Shampoo and Wash Jack n Jill Serenity Hippo Moisturiser

    The Serenity range combines natural botanicals with a relaxing Aromatherapy blend of White Cypress and calmingLavender essential oils, making it a great option to wind them down before-bed

    3. THE HAPPY KOALA - called Sweetness (Uplifting)

    Jack n Jill Koala Sweetness Bubble Bath Jack n Jill Koala Sweetness Shampoo and Wash Jack n Jill Koala Sweetness Moisturiser

    The Sweetness range combines an uplifting but soothing Aromatherapy blend of NeroliPalmarosa and Ylang Ylangwith natural hydrating botanicals. 


    All of these toxin-free ranges are specifically made for kids, however:

    • We recommend the Simplicity Range for Newborns as it does not contain a scent or any essential oils.
    • The Sweetness and Serenity ranges are suitable for ages 6 months + as they have scents created with essential oils.

    TIP: To make the most out of bubs hydrating skincare routines, make sure you avoid exposing them to water that is too hot, extreme air conditioning and excess wind or sun as this contributes to dry skin

    To summarise:

    • Bubs skin is 5x thinner than yours! 
    • Their barrier function is not completely developed so it's harder for their skin to retain moisture
    • Their delicate skin is super sensitive to toxins and outside elements
    • What goes on goes in...to the bloodstream and beyond!
    • ‘Natural’ labels don’t always mean the product is toxin free, as it still may contain nasty fragrances, preservatives or other chemicals
    • Newborns may react to essential oils so it's best to use unscented products

    Check out the rest of the Jack n Jill products here.

    By shopping with us we guarantee that none of your products have any nasty toxins in them *high five*. However if you have purchased something from somewhere else (no hard feelings) and you're not sure about what's inside, send us a photo of the ingredients at askusanything@goforzero.com.au and we'll get back to you 🤓👶💕!

    Happy Bathing! xx

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