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Healthy And Eco-Conscious Mother’s Day Picks Under $50

May 05, 2019

Times are changing. Upping our consumption levels on pointless gifts just because ‘it’s Mother’s Day’ is a thing of the past. Most of us consider both the health of your mum AND Mamma Earth, and celebrate a more conscious Mother’s Day.

go for zero pointless gifts

Finding the best gifts that don’t harm your bank account or the planet can sometimes be tricky and involve a fair amount of research. Luckily, we’ve done the hard yards for you. Here are some gestures to show mum that you love her, paired with our top reduced-waste and toxin free gift ideas (all under $50).

Give mum the gift of your time (she will appreciate it more than you think):

  1. Run her a warm bath with essential oils, candles and mellow music
  2. Make your own card. Basic is more than enough, effort goes a long way!
  3. Make her breakfast in bed
  4. Do the things she dislikes doing (washing, cleaning or maybe baking)
  5. Have a screen free day, push technology aside and go walking, go for lunch or play cards. It’s crazy how much phones can interrupt quality time.


  1. Eco by Sonya - Glory Oil

 Eco Sonya Glory Oil

This healing oil will give mums’ skin loads of love. It removes remnants of scars and wrinkles, and reveals smooth, soft skin.

She can use it directly on her face or body with her current moisturiser. This golden oil is completely toxin free, made by a passionate Aussie and comes in a re-usable and recyclable glass bottle.

 Shop Eco by Sonya - Glory Oil (code 'mothersday' for 20% off)

  1. Golden Grind - Turmeric Face Mask

Golden Face Mask 

This face mask will heal, detoxify, hydrate and nourish mums’ skin. Lay a nice mattress out, put some relaxing oils in your diffuser and treat your mum to a pampering DIY facial experience. And yes, this is Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz with the Golden Face Mask👌

 Shop Golden Grind - Turmeric Face Mask  (code 'mothersday' for 20% off)

  1. BeeGreen - Beeswax Wraps

 Food wraps BeeGreen

Start your mums zero waste journey with this gorgeous Starter Pack from BeeGreen. The colourful wraps are reusable, durable, water resistant and they keep your food nice and fresh. My mum loves storing her avocados in these guys!

 Shop the Foodwraps  (code 'mothersday' for 20% off)

  1. Da - Mummy Bath Salts


Make sure she has some Mum-me-time! This Mummy bath salt combines Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom Salts and Lavendertoheal and relax muscles,relieve tension and stress, alleviate headaches and soothe pains. If mum seems stressed or always on-the-go, this baby might be a nice reminder for her to take some time out for herself,so she can be her best self!

Hot tip:Make sure mum has a bath…You’d be surprised how many people don’t think of this when buying bath salts ha ha ha!

Check out our other magnesium & coconut milk bah soaks here

Shop DA - Mummy Bath Salts  (code 'mothersday' for 20% off)

  1. Kester Black & Raww Nail Polish

 Kester Black and Raww Nail Polish

 A little bitta self-love goes a loooong way! We have a variety of nourishing 10-free nail polishes (10 worst chemicals are out) that hydrate and strengthen your nails. Why not even go that step further and do her nails for her, that is what we call an amazing ‘value-adder’.

Shop 10-free Nail Polishes   (code 'mothersday' for 20% off)

It’s important to really think about what your mum needs and why. At Go For Zero we prefer that you purchase quality over quantity.If you’re still stuck deciding and want to avoid your gift being something she won’t or can’t use, then don’t forget about our gift cards.We recommend pairing it with the gift of your time anddoing something special with her.

Thank you for making healthy and earth loving choices this Mother’s Day, we hope you and your mum have a very special day.💝

One more tip: Try wrapping your gift in old fabric or reuse a beautiful box. Even a food wrap even will do! 

Enjoy, Ellie & Georgia xxx

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