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Da - Pregnancy Essential Oil (10ml)

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Did you know… certain essential oils are safe and highly beneficial to mums to be according to the NAHA

Da’s Pregnancy Essential oil combines the calming benefits of Lavender with the clearing properties of Sandalwood and Patchouli. This combination relieves anxiety and stress and alleviates indecision and confusion to achieve a clearer and calmer mindset. Your all-time bestie on days you experience ‘baby brain'.

Da recommends that this blend is only to be used during the 20-40 week stage of a pregnancy and after birth to relieve mental stress and discomfort. It helps calm the mind and body so you can progress into labor feeling relaxed and clear minded. The purpose of this oil is to create a greater level of satisfaction with the child birth experience.

The difference between Da’s Birth and Pregnancy essential oil blends is that the Birth is to bring on and assist with labor in the last week of pregnancy, whereas the Pregnancy blend is to relieve stress, anxiety, tension and indecision during pregnancy (the 20 – 40 week stage).

Naturally good for you:

  • Lavender  has calming benefits that relieve tension and stress.
  • Sandalwood and Patchouli  have calming properties that relieve anxiety and stress, alleviating indecision and confusion, helping achieve more clarity and calmness. Sandalwood is also a natural aphrodisiac, *woot woooo*.



Add a few drops (4-6) to a diffuser or vaporiser.


Add a few drops to a cotton pad and place under your pillow during sleep.


Add a few drops (1-3, depending on the amount) to your moisturiser and massage into skin.


Add a few drops (2-5) to a carrier oil (Coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil) to use as a massage oil to alleviate stress. Please ensure the oils are diluted well.


Add a few drops (4-6) to the bath to relieve stress. Remember to bathe at a cooler temp when pregnant.

Important note! this product is not for use throughout the early stages of pregnancy. It is only for use during the 20-40 week stage of pregnancy and post birth.

Do not apply directly to the skin, please dilute with a carrier oil or cream before application. Always seek medical advice before using products during pregnancy.

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