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Ethique - zero waste bars

While we love Ethique, we don't stock their products, and here is why.

It is our promise to you to only support Australian-owned brands, and I'm sure you can guess it, Ethique is not. However, the good news is that we have found an Australian family who offers very similar products. This Australian brand is called Viva La Body, is sooo loved by our community, made in Darwin, and is one of our most popular zero-waste, natural beauty brands. We'd love for you to give them a chance and support this local family 🥰

To help, we made a code called VIVA. When you apply this at the check out you will receive 10% off their range, which includes: 

Skincare - zero-waste & toxin-free :

  1. Face Cleanser
    1. For dry and sensitive skin - see the Pink Clay cleanser here
    2. For normal to oily skin - see the Charcoal Cleanser here
  2. Face Scrub
    1. For all skin types - see the Red Clay face scrub here
  3. Face Moisturiser
    1. For mature, dry, or sensitive skin - see the light day cream here
    2. For normal to oily skin - see the balance day cream here
  4. Face night serum - see here
  5. Shave and aftershave - see here
  6. Skincare packs - see here

Body Care - zero-waste & toxin-free:

  1. Body lotions: we have 3 amazing scents:
    1. Patchouli rose body moisturiser - see here
    2. Jasmin body moisturiser - see here
    3. Lavender and Ylang Ylang moisturiser - see here
  2. Feet: yes there is even a foot lotion and a foot polish (see them here) 🙌

Hair Care - zero-waste & toxin-free shampoo bars and conditioners

  1. All hair types: the Everyday people bar - see here
  2. Normal to Oily hair: the Balance bar - see here
  3. Dry or Frizzy hair: the Rescue bar - see here
  4. Sensitive scalp: the Keep it calm bar - see here
  5. Dry, itchy, and flaky scalp: the Scalp solution bar - see here
  6. Dry and damaged hair: the Vitamin boost bar - see here
  7. Curly or wavy hair: the Cream curls bar - see here
  8. Blonde, white or grey hair: Toning bar - see here
  9. Remove build-up: the Lifesaver detox bar - see here

Deodorants for sensitive pits - zero waste & toxin-free:

  1. Unscented & bi-carbonate free - see here
  2. Scented & bi-carb free - see here

Kitchen - zero waste & toxin-free:

Another Aussie brand, called Resparkle, is leading the way for zero waste cleaning. Similar to Ethique, you can buy the little packets and when adding water, you can make your own Spray. Here too we wanted to give you a code to try them out. The code is called RESPARKLE. This will give you a 10% off the refill bags.

  1. All-purpose cleaner - see here
  2. Foaming handwash - see here
  3. Dishwash liquid - see here

Please never hesitate to reach out if you would have any questions or if you are looking for any other Australian-made alternatives ❤️. You can email me at askusanything@goforzero.com.au

Thank you for supporting mission-driven local families x

No more nasties, only Australian goodness!