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JuJu Cup - Model 1 (Original)

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No wings, no strings, no leaks. Join the JuJu Cup revolution!

The reusable and washable JuJu cup is suitable for women of any age. Formed out of hypoallergenic, flexible, medical-grade silicone, this sanitary product will completely replace your tampons or pads and will keep you leak-free for up to 8 hours (2 to 3 times longer than a tampon or pad - including overnight).

It has no strings, no wings and does not leak making it perfect for any sport and easy to travel with. With proper care, it will last you for many many many years

Model 1 is recommended for women under 30 years of age, or those who have not given birth.

    Each Juju Pack comes with, 1 cup, 1 storage pouch (blue, green or pink) and 1 user guide.

    Made and Owned, with ♡, in Australia

    Let us know if you have any questions about the JuJu Cup - Model 1 at askusanything@goforzero.com.au


    Silicone (100% Medical Grade).

    Aussie Family behind the brand

    The Juju cup is the only cup made in Australia and is the result of Brenda Tootel’s ambition to create a safer, greener and more cost-effective alternative to disposable pads and tampons. She created a menstrual cup that can be worn up to 8 hours (day and night), stays up during sport or travelling, will last for years and reduces landfill waste and pollution.

    A study was done and 91% of participants would use it and recommend to others after using it for 3 cycles. Expensive at first sight ($55), considering an average person uses 300 tampons or pads a year, the calculation is easily made.

    Have fewer bathroom breaks and never run out of menstrual supplies with this BPA free silicone cup. Why not ditch the strings and wings today?

    The JuJu is available in four models:

    • Model 1: Recommend if you have a medium cervix, are under 30 and have not given birth.
    • Model 2: Recommend if you have a medium cervix, are over 30 or have given birth
    • Model 3: Recommend if you have a high cervix or long canal.
    • Model 4: Recommend if you have a low cervix or short canal
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    If you want to find more Juju products, please type ‘Juju’ in the search field and click ‘View All’ (or go to ‘Brands’ in the menu).

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      Melanie F.
      Australia Australia

      Happy Days

      So happy with the Juju cup! TMI warning - I was well experienced using tampons, and I think that helps with being comfortable using the cup. So far I have only inserted/removed it in the shower (morning and night). Similar to a ****** I don't feel it all when I'm wearing it. Feels good to be doing something for the environment and feels healthier!


      Do it!!!!

      I was super hesitant to purchase (and use!!) this product at first for obvious reasons (and I'm 15 so wasn't convinced it would be ok for me), but the Go For Zero team encouraged me to purchase it and its honestly made life so much better. that sounds dramtic but it really isn't. Everyone is sick of me encouraing them to make the switch to reusable period products, but once you know how to use it you want look back. I would highly suggest remaining patience with yourself, give it time to master, it will likely take a few tries and putting pressure won't help. As suggested by Morgan, research other methods of insertion. it took me a couple of tries and the C method wasn't working at all, but now I have one that works for me and I can't believe how simple it is. If you're hesitant about trying, just do it. You won't regret it.



      I seriously cannot rave about this enough! I LOVE my cup! I'm seriously indebted to Ellie for helping me make this decision. Ellie was so great at explaining how it works and showing me what it looks like, how you use it etc. It has a learning curve and even if you buy it and slowly start to switch over, once you try it you will never understand how you have lived without one for so long or why they ever made ****** pads and tampons to being with. Few tips: 1. practice before your period - I had someone else recommend practicing putting it in in the shower before your period starts so that you can get an idea for what it will feel like and where it will sit. 2. Once it's in you shouldn't feel it at all - I ended up having to trim my stem a notch so that it wasn't sticking out but once i did that it's been perfect. 3. Go to the website for inserting methods - if the standard C isn't working for you there are other ways to fold it, they have video tutorials on the Juju cup website that were really helpful but I just used the standard C method still. Honestly just buy it, it was the best investment for my self care that I have ever made!