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March 24, 2022 2 min read

Did you know...Aussie households currently have over 150 million loose and removable batteries floating around?!

Majority of these batteries have always been infinitely recyclable. Yet 90% of them head to landfill or corrode, leaching elements like zinc, cobalt and lithium into our soil and waterways! On top of this many of them still have charge and pose a huge fire hazard when sparked against other metals. Yikes!

What is Australia doing about it?

Australia is holding battery manufacturers and retailers accountable for where they 'end up' with the new official battery recycling scheme, B-cycle! Aussies can now drop off used batteries at thousands of supermarkets, shops and other community collection hubs around the country. Hello ALDI, Woolworths, Bunnings and Officeworks! See the full list of collection points here.

The scheme is endorsed and supported by all Governments and the ACCC.


Why is it so important to recycle batteries?!

As we increase our reliance on renewables, demand for batteries is predicted to increase 500% by 2050. Eeep!

Unfortunately, batteries cannot be recycled through your kerbside recycling system. In fact, adding batteries to your yellow bin can risk contaminating and sending the whole load to landfill. Not to mention the risk of sparks, landfill fires, and toxin leaching. However, special battery recycling schemes (like B-cycle) are able to recycle and reuse up to 95% of the battery's materials.

It's time to stop sending batteries to landfill and re-use their precious materials!

Which batteries are accepted through B-cycle?

Currently the scheme accepts smaller alkaline and lithium batteries from times like remote controls, toys, tools and torches (check out the full range here). B-cycle will expand to include larger batteries from electric vehicles, energy storage systems for homes and large grids in future.

Are there any drop-off requirements?

To reduce fire/spark risks, please tape the end of the batteries with non-conductive tape (duct tape, electrical tape or clear sticky tape) and place into an official collection box. Try not to cover the brand name or chemistry information and avoid paper bags and boxes (fire hazards!).

If you have more than 1kg than please call the drop-off point ahead of time so they can confirm that they will be able to accept them.

What happens to the batteries?

This scheme gives batteries a new life as metal tools, computer parts, tyres, or born-again batteries! 

Keeping batteries out of landfill and reusing precious minerals by reducing the need to mine virgin materials. *woot woot*

Do I have to pay for them to recycle it?

Nope! These legends perform the recycling 100% free of charge.

How is B-cycle different?

Unlike other battery recycling programs, B-cycle has strict processes to track and verify that each used battery is properly recycled and given a new life. We're all about traceability and transparency!

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