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What you need to know about animal testing

April 18, 2019

Most of us may say that ‘cruelty free’ means that the company hasn’t tested their ‘product’ on animals. Can you spot a teeny (massive) bit of leeway in this statement? We can! 

This claim is not regulated. Therefore, it is misleading and open for interpretation.

Most animal testing occurs at the ingredient level. Ingredients make up a product, right? Soooo, saying that the ‘product’ has not been testing on animals, doesn’t necessaril...

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Why you can’t miss Rosehip Oil in your skincare

April 12, 2019

It’s not a secret that Rosehip Oil is an efficient anti-ageing treatment used by many skincare brands. However, rosehip oil is so much more than just an anti-ageing warrior. From stretch marks to acne, in this blog we outline why this fruit will blow your mind (and lov...
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Aussie Native Skincare Heroes

April 07, 2019

We often get told how lucky we are to live in a climate where we have such beautiful sunshine, allowing us to wear shorts all year round, as well as spectacular tropical (and warm) storms keeping everything nice and green. Seriously, we can’t agree more!

Our climate differs from many other countries, and that comes with resilient, adaptable and durable native plants that are able to withstand this crazy weather. Read More

5 easy ways to use Soap Berries and Essential Oils for toxin free cleaning

March 30, 2019

Soapberries are often associated with laundry detergent, however they have long been used by zero wasters for many other cleaning and personal hygiene purposes!

Pair them with Essential Oils and you’ve got yourself a cost-effective alternative with zerotoxins, zerowaste and zeroharm.
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No more nasties, only Australian goodness!