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Our Story

About Us

Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to read my story.

I'm Ellie.

A mum of two little girls and an eternal optimist, dedicated to helping you prioritise your health and our planet.

My ‘natural’ journey started when our newborn broke out in a rash whenever we used ‘mainstream’ skin products. In my desperate search to help her, I was shocked to discover the many harmful ingredients I was putting on her skin and using in our home. Not to mention their impact on the environment… I thought there would be strict regulations on product labelling and safety control. There wasn't.

I felt mislead and deceived, but also determined to make a change and help others to go for zero toxins.

The passions behind my ‘reduce waste’ journey amplified upon moving to the Sunshine Coast. I was exposed to the reality of rubbish, especially plastic, and the environmental and health impacts it has.

It is disheartening but pushes me, even more, to help and motivate others to go for zero waste!


Go For Zero is not just a store. It's a community of like-minded people that are not willing to compromise our health nor our planetIt's where we help you to switch to safer and sustainable products easily, and support honest Australian companies that do the right thing.

We are honest, we are mad researchers, and we deliver on our promises:

  • You'll only find sustainable products from Australian brands
  • Each product is researched using the strictest toxin-free criteria on the market (EWG)
  • We package and send our eco-friendly products with zero waste and carbon neutral delivery methods
  • We demand companies to be transparent about their ingredients, only bringing you truly toxin-free products that are doing exactly what they say

It’s our mission to help every home be toxin-free and conscious of their environmental impact, so I’d love to invite you to take a step to safer and more sustainable products if you haven't already. Once you've used up some of your everyday products, try a toxin-free and low waste option instead. It’s all about taking little steps and making a start, and that is something you can feel good about.

Thank you for being part of our mission.

With lots of love,

Ellie x

Founder - Go For Zero

Photo by Chloe Jordan Photography

No more nasties, only Australian goodness!