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June 22, 2023 2 min read

Australia's Vape Ban Sparks a Breath of Fresh Air…

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Did you know between 90 and 100 million disposable vapes are imported and sold in Australia each year? National product sales increased from $28 million in 2015 to $98 million back in 2020 alone. Australian vaping rates are catching up to those in other Western countries, despite attempts from health authorities.

But get ready to wave goodbye to all disposable non-prescription vapes as the government takes a bold step towards a healthier nation & environment, making this the most significant tobacco and vaping control measure in the country in a decade.

It's a move that aims to protect public health and curb the rising popularity of e-cigarettes among young Aussies, as well as the single-use waste that comes with it.

Health Minister Mark Butler announced a series of measures aimed at curbing the popularity of vaping among young Australians and ensuring safer access to nicotine vaping products for smokers trying to quit tobacco.The standards surrounding the vaping products sold in pharmacies will be strengthened, ensuring consumers have confidence in the quality and content of the products they purchase. Perhaps a reusable version too please, Health Minister?

Vaping was initially marketed globally as a therapeutic tool to aid long-term smokers in their quitting journey. However, it has since evolved into a recreational phenomenon, becoming a significant loophole and waste stream that needs immediate attention. To support these crucial reforms, the federal budget will allocate an impressive $234 million in funding for tobacco and vaping initiatives.

As Australia takes decisive action to address the vaping epidemic, it serves as a significant wake-up call to governments and communities worldwide. Australia is taking a stand, and who knows...this bold move may just inspire a domino effect of positive change worldwide.

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