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June 25, 2021 1 min read

Brisbane Composter Rebate Program...

If food waste were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter in the world...

Composting and worm farming is an effective way to reduce your household's contribution to landfill and emissions. The Brisbane City Council is offering an attractive rebate for those looking to embrace composting life!

Composting Rebate FAQs:

How much is the rebate?

This incentive provides eligible residents of Brisbane a rebate of up to $70 back from the purchase of their eligible compost system. It will be paid into the nominated account within 30 days of the acceptance of the claim.

Is my household eligible?

You can only claim one rebate per household as it is linked to the address, not the individual resident. You must live in the home that you submitted the rebate claim for. For example, landlords cannot submit a claim for a rental property. You must be able to supply a receipt that is itemised and includes the price, date, name and phone number of the company.

Which composting systems are eligible?

Eligible compost systems include a compost bin, worm farm (Subpod), and Urban Composter (or similar Bokashi style system). You must have proof of purchase on or after the 1st of July 2020.

How do I claim my rebate?

Head to the Brisbane City Council's website by clicking here to see the detailed steps on how to claim your composting rebate. 

This is an exciting step towards encouraging Brisbane residents to divert their food waste from landfill. Send this blog to your Brisbane bestie! 


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