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May 06, 2022 3 min read

The Environmental Music Prize: Inspiring Anthems For Climate Action! Have Your Vote! 

“Hey Alexa, play my Save The World Playlist!”

What if our next chart toppers are our ‘Top 10 Climate Action Hits’? The Environmental Music Awards are the world’s first celebration to artists making change and in action for our earth!

The prize has now seen 24 finalists take the poll with entries now open! These amazing artists are not only competing for recognition of their incredible work, but also $20,000 to support them and their growth, and we have the ability to make it happen for them!

Together we can choose the next Earth anthem!

Climate Change Music Festivals

The Environmental Music Mission!

The Environmental Music Prize amplifies the voices of artists that inspire action when it comes to the conservation of our Earth. Music has the power to reach vast audiences and bring communities together, it’s time we had that same community for our Earth!

While EMP are aware there are of course songs out there that exist about spreading the word about climate change, they simply don't get the recognition and attention they deserve! 

They are showing that through the power of music we have the ability to touch and conquer the hearts and minds of the world! They are presenting us with artists creating anthems for justice, anthems for our future! 

Environmental Music Awards

So Who Are The 24 Finalists?

From over 200 entries the final 24 have been announced! You may recognise a few of these big names! 

Take a look at all of these amazing artists' videos and tracks, and have your say on who you believe has the most inspiring and action driving song for our climate… 


Step by Step How to Vote:

  1. Simply head to The Environmental Prize Website!
  2. Watch and listen to the incredible finalists and their inspiring music videos! 
  3. Scroll down to vote and select your top 3!
  4. Submit some last quick details
  5. DONE! 

BUT! Entries close Sunday May 15th 2022 so be QUICK! 

We need more mainstream music to touch us and remind us that we need to protect our incredible planet. We need a new story, we need a new song”. -EMP

Want to hear more good news like this about amazing and inspiring people leading the way for climate justice? Our 10 Good Earth News Stories deliver stories from around the world to make you smile and keep you motivated to keep showing up for our Earth! 

Together we are stronger and can make a difference!

GFZ Team x

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