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What the Australian Government is doing about food waste...

October 16, 2020 2 min read


Did you know...

The cost of food waste to the Australian economy is roughly $20 billion per year.


Where do the biggest contributions to food waste occur?

Research shows that over 1/3 of food waste occurs at household level with majority heading to landfill. This means that on average each Aussie household wastes $2,200-3,800 on food each year, also seen as 298kg per person.

There are so many steps we can take at an individual level, head here to see how you can reduce your food waste by extending the life of your food and composting instead of contributing to landfill.


What is Australia doing about food waste?

In 2017, the Government committed to halving Australia's food waste by 2030Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL) was contracted to develop a roadmap on how the country can achieve this.

The roadmap provides a timeline of how Australia can combat food waste, which includes; implementing better food recovery programs, spreading awareness, make wasting food socially unacceptable, and improving supply chain processes to reduce environmental impacts.

You can read the Roadmap here.

A food waste tax?

Majority of the time it is cheaper and more 'practical' for businesses to throw food away instead of donating it under the current policy framework. How shocking is that?!

This makes it harder for organisations who are working on hunger relief and food waste reduction to attract food donations from businesses.

There are a group of organisations encouraging the Government to implement a food waste tax, this would make it more expensive for businesses to send food to landfill and as a result reduce food waste, increase food donations, and relieve levels of hunger. Keep spreading the word so this can become a reality.

By shopping with us you can choose to donate $1 of your order to Food Bank Australia. $1 provides 2 meals to an Aussie in need, you can track our impact here.

If you would like to find out ways you can reduce your food waste on an individual level, read our blog 'easy tips for reducing food waste'.

Please spread the word, educate your friends on how they can reduce their impact, and together, we can make a difference 💪💪💪



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