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Loyalty Program


Let's do good together!

We are forever grateful for your support and since we can't personally hug every single one of you we thought a rewards program might be a little more suitable (ha ha). Thank you for creating change and choosing to shop products that are better for you and the planet. You rock!

How it works

Step 1: Join Do Gooder Perks & Save.
Just by signing up you'll earn 100 points which equals $5 off your first order. (We also become besties).

Step 2: Shop & Earn
Earn points by shopping with us, writing reviews, and following us on socials!

Step 3: Soak up the benefits
You're working hard to make a change by shopping with us and we appreciate it. Points are our way of saying thank you. The higher the points the higher the benefit/discount you can redeem. (We like to think of discounts as virtual hugs).

Step 4: Spread the word
Help your friends switch to products that are safer for them and the planet with a sneaky $10 discount. Once they place an order, we'll give you a $10 discount to say thanks!


Loyalty Program FAQs

How do I join the Do Gooder Perks Loyalty Program?

If you have an account with us you're already a member with 100 points sitting there ready to redeem! If you don't have an account, you can create one through the Do Gooder Perks side-bar on the bottom left corner of our website, through our website account portal here, or at checkout when you make a purchase. Don't forget to tick the newsletter box to receive early access to deals, free zero waste tips, and a weekly dose of happy eco news!


Can wholesale accounts earn points?

Unfortunately if you have a wholesale account you cannot earn points through our Do Gooder Perks Program. However, you are super special to us and we will still share the love in a different way!


Will the loyalty program backtrack my orders?

Unfortunately we are unable to back-track orders that were placed before the loyalty program was implemented (25/3/21). The good news is that from this date forward you can earn points on each purchase if you're signed up!


How do I earn points?

You can earn 1 point for each $1 that you spend with us after you have signed up to the program. Other ways are listed below:


You will not earn points when purchasing gift cards, shipping, discounts or parts of your order that are paid with points. You also won't earn points if you are using a gift card. Points are removed when an order is cancelled, declined or refunded.
*Please note: you may experience a slight delay whilst the points are updating in your account, please allow a few minutes and if you are still not seeing new points in the portal feel free to reach out via the chat box on our website or askusanything@goforzero.com.au.


How do I see and redeem the points?

If you log in and head the the Do Gooder Perks portal on our website (bottom left corner), you will see how many points you have earned. Click on 'ways to redeem' and select the voucher you would like to spend your points on. Once selected, you will receive a code on the screen and via email. Copy this code and apply it in the discount code section at checkout.

It's important to remember that the discount will only be applied once you begin checkout, not in your cart.


Are there order minimums when redeeming points?

Yes, see minimums per coupon below:

$5 coupon = $30 min spend

$10 coupon = $50 min spend

$25 coupon = $100 min spend


Can I use more than one discount at a time?

You are unable to use more than one discount code at checkout. Because loyalty points are redeemed by using a code you will not be able to use a second discount code on top of this.


 I have a few accounts, can I merge them?

Unfortunately we cannot merge accounts, please pick one and keep it as your primary account.


Can I still get 10% off my first order?

Yes you can, if you subscribe through our website pop-up or account creation portal (make sure you tick subscribe) you will be emailed the 10% off discount code that we promote. The main difference between this 10% off code and your loyalty program vouchers is that your 10% off code will expire whilst your points will not.


If you're still left without an answer to your question, please don't hesitate to reach out via the live chat box on the bottom right corner of our website or by emailing us at askusanything@goforzero.com.au

Happy shopping!

No more nasties, only Australian goodness!