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Aleph Beauty - Ultimate Brush Set

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Experience the joy of mixing, matching, and experimenting with different makeup textures, shades, and formulas with the Aleph Beauty Brush Set - a collection of 8 premium brushes and 1 mixing tool crafted to elevate your makeup game.

These eco-friendly brushes are designed with vegan bristles that mimic animal hair roots and tips, offering limitless possibilities for flawless makeup application. Create a perfectly blended skin finish, precise lines, sharp edges, and mesmerising eye looks with ease using the professional-grade brushes included in this set.

Included in the Brush Set:

It is essential to maintain the brush's hygiene by using a brush cleaner solution or washing it with soap and warm water after every use, ensuring to squeeze out all excess water and lying it flat, allowing it to thoroughly dry before your next application. 

Naturally good for you & the planet:

  • All brushes are made with vegan bristles 
  • Mixing Tool is made from stainless steel
  • Designed to last a lifetime with the right care
  • Accepted in the Aleph take-back recycling program

Designed and Owned, with ♡, in New Zealand. Made in Italy. 

Let us know if you have any questions about the Aleph Beauty - Ultimate Brush Set at askusanything@goforzero.com.au


Aleph brushes are made from a proprietary fibre created to mimic animal hair with a root and tip for pro application.

Even though the brushes and fibres are made from plastic, this was a necessary choice to keep them performing professionally while remaining vegan friendly and long lasting.

Mixing Tool: 
Made from stainless steel.

Aussie Family behind the brand

Meet Emma, the visionary founder of Aleph Beauty.

With a background as a top makeup artist, Emma understands the intricacies of beauty inside out. But she also knows that true beauty extends beyond the surface – it encompasses a harmonious relationship with our planet.

Driven by the concept of oneness, Emma's journey led her to discover the significance of the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet - Aleph, representing divine unity in its entirety. Inspired by this profound symbolism, Emma set out to create a makeup range that resonates with both inner and outer beauty.

Based in the picturesque landscape of New Zealand, Aleph is not only crafted with care but also owned and operated locally. Emma's passion for sustainability and conscious beauty drives every aspect of the brand, making Aleph a testament to the perfect blend of artistic expression and environmental responsibility.

How to use

Buffer Brush:
Perfectly designed to swirl on top of Aleph creme products mimicking the fingertips. Then gently buff into the skin to create a super natural highlight, cheek colour or contour.

Diffuser Brush:
Use gentle swirling motions to buff Concealer/Foundation into the skin. Take time when applying to ensure an even, smooth finish. Layer to the desired coverage.

Duo Liner/ Brow Brush:

Brows: Lightly feather Hybrid Eye Pigment through the brows in fine strokes to create the desired shape and definition.

Eyeliner: Glide Hybrid Eye Pigment along the lash line and build as desired. Smudge for a soft smokey effect or build to intensity for a sharp edge.

Gel Liner: Dip into Gel Liner and press into the base of the lashes for a subtle tight line or build to desired shape and thickness.

Eye Blender Brush:
Swirl the brush across a Hybrid Eye Pigment for subtle pick up. Buff onto the lid, layering to desired intensity. Blend any eyeshadow or Hybrid Eye Pigment by buffing in a circular motion.

Lip Brush:
Carefully smooth the product onto the centre of the bottom lip and then blend out to the corners. Angle the brush to apply the product to the top of each side of the cupids bow. Blend out to the corners using a downward motion and then blend up from the corner for a seamless finish.

Mascara Fan Brush:
Load brush with Mascara by wiping against the wand. Hold Fan Brush at the base of the lashes and glide up to the tips coating the lashes. Repeat to achieve the desire effect.

Powder Brush:
Swirl brush into Prep/Finish Powder, picking up sufficient product, then use intentional patting motions to press powder into the complexion and prep, set and prime. 

Smudge Brush:
Get a pencil perfect application by picking up any Hybrid Eye Pigment and smudging it along the top and/or bottom lash line. Or to create a cut crease, look straight ahead in the mirror and trace the crease of the eye with Hybrid Eye Pigment for added contour and depth.

Mixing Tool:
Use mixing tool to remove the desired amount of concealer/foundation and radiance balm from the vessel and place onto top of hand.

End of life


Each brush is designed to last a lifetime with the right care. However, all Aleph brushes are accepted in the Aleph take back recycling program and can be sent back to us to ensure they are properly recycled. 

Mixing Tool: 
This tool is designed to last a lifetime with the right care and can be used for many purposes if you no longer wish to use it in your make up routine. However, if you wish to recycle this tool, we recommend taking it to your nearest scrap metal recycling facility.