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Juju - Absorbent Period Underwear - Full Brief (Light Flow)

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Did you know…a woman uses roughly 300 tampons or pads in just 1 year?! Which is an astonishing 10,500 over a lifetime.

JuJu’s Absorbent Period Underwear makes periods less daunting and reduces your impact on the planet. The underwear is made with a built-in, absorbent and leak-proof gusset to provide you with a comfortable, environmentally friendly and worry-free period. Did we mention the built in absorbent pad runs all the way up the back of the underwear for extra leakage protection? This is an important feature that isn’t always considered for period underwear!

Juju’s Reusable Period Underwear is tag-free, breathable, easy to care for and can be worn for up to 8 hours depending on your flow. When you’re done wearing them simply, rinse, wash, dry and repeat!

There are a range of sizes and styles: bikini, midi brief and full brief, depending on your preference; as well as two levels of protection suitable for a light or moderate flow. Made with four layers of fabric they can hold anywhere between 5ml-10ml of fluid depending on the level of protection you choose.

Style Breakdown:

JuJu Bikini: Suitable for those that like less coverage and prefer to wear low rise pants

JuJu Midi Brief: Suitable for those that require ample coverage across that back whilst still sitting lower across the hips

JuJu Full Brief: Suitable for those who like full coverage across the hips and backside. Ideal for extra protection overnight

Good for you & the environment:

  • Leak-proof protection
  • Comfortable, breathable and easy to care for
  • Environmentally friendly helping you achieve a zero-waste period
  • Plastic-free & recyclable packaging

Full Brief Size Guide 

The full brief is perfect for those who like full coverage across the hips and lower tummy, ideal for wearing overnight for extra protection. The waistband sits high up, close to the belly button, and the leg holes are cut slightly higher.

Australian Size 8 10 12 14 16 18
Waistband 62 65 68  71  75  81
Side 15  15  15.5 15.5  15.5  16
Front Rise (incl. waistband)  32 33  33.5 34  35  36


* Waistband measurement is taken when the underwear is laid flat (not stretched) and is half the total waistband measurement.

Underwear Measurement Guide: To find your perfect size, grab your favourite pair of underwear and measure the waistband, side length and front rise then compare it against the size guide for the style you prefer. 

Made and Owned, with , in Australia

Let us know if you have any questions about JuJu - Absorbent Period Underwear - Full Brief (Light Flow) at askusanything@goforzero.com.au

Aussie Family behind the brand

The Juju cup is the only cup made in Australia and is the result of Brenda Tootel’s ambition to create a safer, greener and more cost-effective alternative to disposable pads and tampons. She created a menstrual cup that can be worn up to 8 hours (day and night), stays up during sport or travelling, will last for years and reduces landfill waste and pollution.

A study was done and 91% of participants would use it and recommend to others after using it for 3 cycles. Expensive at first sight ($55), considering an average person uses 300 tampons or pads a year, the calculation is easily made.

Have fewer bathroom breaks and never run out of menstrual supplies with this BPA free silicone cup. Why not ditch the strings and wings today?

The JuJu is available in four models:

  • Model 1: Recommend if you have a medium cervix, are under 30 and have not given birth.
  • Model 2: Recommend if you have a medium cervix, are over 30 or have given birth
  • Model 3: Recommend if you have a high cervix or long canal.
  • Model 4: Recommend if you have a low cervix or short canal
  • Absorbent Period Underwear - Full Brief (Moderate Flow)
  • Absorbent Period Underwear - Full Brief (Light Flow)
  • Absorbent Period Underwear - Midi Brief (Moderate Flow)
  • Absorbent Period Underwear - MidiBrief (Light Flow)
  • Absorbent Period Underwear - Bikini (Moderate Flow)
  • Absorbent Period Underwear -Bikini (Light Flow)

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