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Raw Bulk Foods - Durable Small Glass Jar Set (Set of 4)

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Transform your pantry with Raw Bulk Foods' Pimp Your Pantry Jars, a collection of four small versatile lifetime jars designed to make your pantry more organised, sustainable, and stylishThese jars are the ultimate solution for storing various pantry staples.

This small set is great for nuts, teas, lollies, dried fruits, and seeds.

Crafted from sustainably sourced materials featuring double-thick glass to ensure durability and longevity, the mould-proof bamboo lids and airtight silicone seals guarantee the freshness of your stored goods.

Sizing: Each set includes 4 x 400ml Empty Lifetime Reusable Jars (9.5cm X 7.5cm)

Looking for a different size? We also have these durable jars in 200ml, 850ml and 1900ml!

Naturally good for you & the planet: 

  • 100% Plastic-free and sustainably sourced
  • Mould-proof bamboo lids 
  • Endless reusable double-thick glass jars 
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable container choice!

Designed and Owned, with, in Australia. Made responsibly overseas. 

Let us know if you have any questions about the Raw Bulk Foods - Durable Small Glass Jars at askusanything@goforzero.com.au


Made with double thick glass, bamboo lid (Mould Proof), and silicone seal.

Aussie Family behind the brand

Meet Steph, the passionate founder behind Raw Bulk Foods. Driven by a deep-seated desire to create a sustainable future, Steph is on a mission to eradicate plastic pollution and revolutionise the food industry. Her unwavering commitment stems from two core dreams: to protect our oceans and transform a landscape dominated by single-use plastics.

Steph embodies a tireless dedication, showing up every single day to minimise environmental impact and foster a company customers can proudly support. Driven by transparency and ease of sustainability, Raw Bulk Foods stands as a beacon of positive change, a "fixer not a bandage."

Fuelled by the incredible support of Kickstarter backers, Steph and her team relentlessly push boundaries, aiming to eliminate 6.5 million single-use plastic packets – a goal representing a mere 12,500 households. With every jar filled and every pantry stocked, Raw Bulk Foods paves the way for a cleaner, greener future, led by a passionate leader determined to make a lasting impact.

How to use

How To Care for your Jars: 
  • Hand wash with warm water before first use.
  • Glass bottoms can go in the dishwasher, hand wash the bamboo lids.
  • For caked on food, soak glass bottoms in solution of baking soda and dish soap
  • Avoid any abrasive cleaners or scrubbers on the bamboo lids
  • Dry bamboo lids promptly and allow them to dry properly before using them
  • Whole pantry Jars set are safe for the freezer Glass is safe for oven and microwave

End of life

These jars are designed to last you a lifetime! If you can no longer use the jars, regift them to someone who can.