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Scoop Whole Beauty - 100% Bamboo Mix & Match Multi Palette (2 sizes)

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Create your own makeup pallet with the 100% Bamboo Mix & Match Multi Palette from Scoop Whole Beauty - a refillable bamboo makeup pallet that is perfect for on-the-go and eco-conscious beauty. 

Each palette features an inbuilt mirror and magnets, allowing you to easily swap in and out the aluminium refill plates that you'd like in your makeup palette from the Scoop Whole Beauty Makeup range.

Available in two sizes, mini and large, and made from FSC-certified bamboo offering a 100% plastic-free alternative.

Available Sizes:

  • Mini 
  • Large

Naturally good for you & the planet: 

  • Fully customisable
  • Mix, match & replace each product as needed
  • Ethically made from FSC-certified bamboo
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • 100% plastic-free & refillable

Designed & Owned, with , in Australia. Made responsibly in China.

Let us know if you have any questions about the Scoop Whole Beauty - 100% Bamboo Mix & Match Multi Palette (2 sizes) at askusanything@goforzero.com.au 


Made from FSC-certified bamboo & magnets.

Aussie Family behind the brand

Scoop Whole Beauty, an innovative venture born out of the esteemed family legacy of Scoop Wholefoods. In collaboration with Australia's renowned natural cosmetic specialists, they introduce a groundbreaking approach to sustainable beauty—the industry's first 100% closed-loop refilling system.

Inspired by the unwavering support of their cherished customers for their wholesome bulk foods and eco-friendly personal care, they extend their commitment to sustainability into the realms of makeup and skincare.

As recipients of multiple awards, their 100% vegan, plant, and earth-based range reflects their dedication to ethically-sourced, superior ingredients, rejecting harmful substances. Beyond makeup, they redefine the industry with premium, endlessly refillable, planet-friendly packaging.

Challenging industry norms, the team behind Scoop Whole Beauty believe you can enjoy premium natural makeup in sustainable packaging that not only works effectively but also nourishes the skin. Our philosophy integrates skincare-inspired formulations into every product, challenging the boundaries of traditional cosmetics.

Toxic-free, affordable, and sustainable luxury is at the heart of their mission. Confronting industry practices, making natural, toxin-free living accessible, waste-free, and luxurious. With Scoop Whole Beauty, you're not just embracing a brand but joining a revolutionary movement redefining beauty norms for a more sustainable future. We're changing perceptions about how makeup feels and looks, setting a new norm for clean beauty.

How to use

Mini Palette: 
Fill with 4 small ones (including our 4 shades of mineral eyeshadow or our natural brow balm). 

Large Palette:
Fill with either 2 large plates (Dusty Pink Blush or Sunkissed Bronzer), or 1 large plate and 4 small ones (including our 4 shades of mineral eyeshadow or our natural brow balm). 
You can also simply fill with all our small plates (Eyeshadows & Brow Balm) as you build up your collection. 

When a product is finished, simply replace just that shade, and no need to wait until the whole palette is finished.

Be sure to store in a cool dry place and away from moisture.

End of life

Scoop's compacts are made to last you 20+ years, however if it comes to a time when your compact reaches it's end of life you can follow the below:

Remove magnets from compact. Unfortunately, there is no recycling programs for this element as of yet so it does need to go into your waste bin. 

Remove mirror from compact and contact your local council to see if this is an item they will accept for recycling. 

The bamboo compact can be placed in your home compost bin.