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3D Printed Soil as Sustainable Alternative to Concrete

August 27, 2020 2 min read

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How wasteful is the construction industry?

Did you know...

In Australia alone, a total of 20.4 million tonnes of waste was created from construction and demolition in 2017.

The waste typically includes bricks, concrete, metal, timber, plasterboard, asphalt, rock & soil. More than 6.7 million tonnes went to landfill...the rest was either recycled, reused, stockpiled or illegally dumped.

Whilst it's somewhat reassuring to know that not all 20.4 tonnes headed to landfill and some resources were reused or recycled, there is still heaps of work to be done at bringing this figure down.

What sustainable alternatives are being developed?

Scientists in Dubai have developed a 3D printing method that could be a game-changer for reducing concrete waste and emissions in the construction industry. The building in the image above was 3D printed using soil as a sustainable alternative to concrete.

Yeaaah, it seems pretty wild to wrap my head around too! (but super cool at the same time)

Concrete accounts for 7% of global carbon dioxide emissions, this number could be significantly reduced if scientists are able to further develop the 3D-printed technology and improve the soils load-bearing capabilities.

The research teams goal is to print structures with types of soil that can be found in any garden. This would also eliminate transport emissions.

What are your thoughts on this one? How much concrete is in your home?

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