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September 22, 2023 2 min read

A NSW community effort to save the planet…

Welcome back GFZs! 

Did you know that solar panels are the fastest-growing electricity source? That’s right in 2020 solar produced 3% of the world’s electricity! * Queue Lorde Solar Power * 

Let us take you to Goulburn NZW where 300 residents have banded together to invest in a nearly $5 million solar farm on the town’s outskirts. The project, which is being developed by Community Energy 4 Goulburn, will be the first community-owned  4,500-panel farm with a battery. This meansover 400 homes will be powered just from this farm! Anyone can buy into the project by purchasing one solar panel for just $400. 

Why did this start?

In NSW, Goulburn citizens were tired of waiting for the state and federal government to create laws based on developing renewables and ending fossil fuels altogether. So instead of waiting, they did something about it! The power generated will be sold back to the town, with the profits being split 3 ways. Into dividends, a fund for panel repairs and maintenance, and a  fund to pay for Goulburn’s disadvantaged people’s electricity bills. This warms our hearts too.

This initiative shows that you don’t need the government to start making the world a better place, it starts with you…The Goulburn residents are helping the environment, creating jobs, and returning money back into their community! The Goulburn Solar Farm is scheduled to be completed in early 2024. We love to see communities working together to make their home a better place for everyone. This is just one example of how communities across Australia are taking matters into their own hands and getting things done! 

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