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April 27, 2023 2 min read

Magic Moss in Peru

Imagine a business model that elevated the lives of the consumers, the seller, the workers, and the land. It would be pretty great right?

Well, that’s exactly what Inka Moss is striving to sustain! 

A moss naturally grown in the Peruvian Andes is not only proving to be a wonder product for the people, but a lifesaver for families in the area who are doing it tough. How could moss do all this you ask? Follow along to find out...

For the People

Sphagnum Moss is a unique plant that is simply thriving in the highlands of Peru. The plant grows in the wild and is already used in different parts of the world as pool filters, in pet enclosures, and even to clean up oil spills. 

Believe it or not, this little wonder plant was even used to treat wounds in WWI!

Inka Moss uses the plant mainly for horticulture, however, with so many amazing benefits of the wild-growing moss, the potential to use this plant as a filter to bring clean water to countries around the world is well within its abilities. 

For the Workers

So how does harvesting this magical moss help families in Peru? 

In the past, families in high-altitude areas like Tambino would grow potatoes to supplement their income and fill their family's tummies. Unfortunately, the growth of these crops is no longer reliable, due to a number of factors including climate change. 

With inflation, many families are simply struggling to make ends meet, but Inka Moss offers a sustainable way for them to top up their income while honouring the traditional responsibilities of the workers. 

The harvest teams are made up of almost two-thirds women, empowering the ladies by giving them a way to provide for their families without missing the important moments like making it home in time for dinner. 

The company also pays out the workers immediately rather than when the product sells. This not only helps their efforts feel appreciated but ensures financial security for the locals in a big way. 

For the Land

As we mentioned above, land in these areas is often used to grow potato crops. To do this, the wild-growing moss would have been burned to clear land for the potatoes to grow. By harvesting the plant instead, Inka Moss has saved about 5,000 hectares of forest from burning. 

This not only keeps the land beautiful and healthy but helps the world with a resource that otherwise would have been wasted! 

The Magic of Moss

Thanks to Inka Moss, women in Peru are putting on their entrepreneurial hats and helping their families thrive in ways that never would have been possible. Three cheers for a company that is good for the land, the people, and the workers!

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