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April 21, 2023 2 min read

Swap and Wash Takeaway Trial!

Let’s be honest, we all love a good takeaway. Whether it’s a spinach & ricotta roll from the bakery on the weekend or a daily stop at your local cafe for a muffin and coffee, ... takeaway culture in Australia is booming. 

In fact, each day,  4.5 million takeaway transactions take place across Australia. Wow!

While this is great news for Aussie businesses, the sturdy stack of single-use takeaway containers from these transactions is less than ideal. 

We’re proud to have a beautiful range of reusable containers suitable for takeaway available on our site, however, we know it’s often when we don’t have those containers on hand that we need them the most. 

That’s why we’re so excited about Waverley Council’s new Swap and Wash trial program.

Swap and Wash!

What is a Swap and Wash program you ask? Instead of single-use takeaway containers, consumers at 7 establishments in Bondi will have the option of a reusable takeaway container for a 12-week trial period (and hopefully much longer!).

The containers, created by Bondi start-up, ‘rePlated’, are made on Sydney's Northern Beaches using certified ocean-bound plastic. How’s that for double ocean-protecting duty!?

If consumers wish to participate, they will purchase their first reusable container with their meal, then simply swap their used container for a fresh one the next time they order. The containers are all hygienically cleaned and then reused. 

The Impact

Based on numbers in the area, the Swap and Wash program is predicted to save over 400 kilograms of plastic waste in the 12-week period. But wait, it gets better - this waste avoidance then saves about 4 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions! Whaaaa!

These incredible numbers are based on just 100 participants swapping 3 single-use containers for the rePlated meal boxes per week. 

In addition to avoiding 5200 single-use containers during this trial period, the program is also considering how much use each reusable container can turn out as well as responsible end-of-life recycling through rePlated. 

With such an amazing option available to Bondi businesses, we simply can’t wait to see how this trial impacts sustainable choices for both consumers and businesses alike!

A Circular Economy in the Making

With so many new and exciting options for circular economy living, we truly are so proud of all the changes Aussies are making every day.

Whether you’re in Bondi and keen to try rePlated for yourself, or you’re admiring these efforts from another area, there truly is no time like the present to start making these sustainable swaps in your own routine. 

Will you be using a reusable container for your next takeaway? Drop your favourite tips and tricks for reducing single-use waste below so we can all work together to banish plastic waste for good!

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Until next week!

Much love, 

GFZ Team xox 

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