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June 14, 2024 2 min read

Welcome back GFZ's! 

This week's heartwarming Happy Earth News is about the legends from Aussie musician group Lime Cordiale commitment to prioritising sustainability while on tour. Let's dive in!

From Goodwill t-shirts to concert merch

Fresh off their massive North American tour, Lime Cordiale returned home to chat with one of our absolute favourites, Craig Reucassel. You might know Craig as the host and creator of "The War On Waste," where he shines a spotlight on the world’s waste streams and champions sustainability at every turn.

Touring sustainably as an Australian band between jet-setting across continents and rolling through states in a tour bus, the carbon footprint can be daunting. But Lime Cordiale is determined to tread lightly on our planet, even admitting they sometimes feel like "hypocrites" due to the environmental toll of their tours.

One of the band's most innovative steps towards sustainability is its approach to merchandise. As Oli Leimbach shared with Craig, "We hit Goodwill in the States, transforming thrift store finds into stylish tour merch." They also hired a screen printer to customise shirts right next to the merchandise desk for their final show in LA, giving fans a unique and eco-friendly souvenir.

Their efforts are a fantastic example of up-cycling and reducing textile waste at its  source, one of the key pillars in the waste stream for touring bands. This isn't just a trend for Lime Cordiale; it's a commitment to minimising their environmental impact while staying true to their artistic spirit.

Dance your way to a green concert with Coldplay

Lime Cordiale isn't alone in this movement. Coldplay has been leading the way with their sustainability goals:

  1. They’ve pledged to reduce their direct carbon emissions from show production, freight, and band and crew travel by at least 50%. Impressively, Coldplay reported a 59% reduction in emissions compared to their previous tour over the last two years.
  2. They use power bikes and kinetic dance floors that charge the batteries for their shows.
  3. Allow refillable water bottles at their concerts. While this seems a no-brainer, hardly any big concerts allow this.

This creates an incredible ripple effect and shows the world how these successful artists can use their voices to make a stand. We should be supporting those who do so and showing it's exactly what we want!

As passionate supporters of sustainability, we're thrilled to see local Aussie artists like Lime Cordiale all the way to international superstars like Coldplay leading the way. It's a reminder that every small change, like turning thrift store finds into merch or powering a concert with kinetic energy, can contribute to a larger, greener impact. For us and the planet, this is music to our ears.

Until next week GFZ's here's abother feel good story about our planet, Pioneering Change: SA is banning confetti, bread tags and so much more, it's a goodie trust us! 

Much love, 

GFZ Team xx

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