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February 09, 2023 2 min read

Queensland Volunteers Clear the Way for Hatchlings 

On the beaches of Queensland, cute little turtle hatchlings are making their way to the ocean. However, the recent heavy rain and flooding have brought about more obstacles than these little babies can handle.

Cue the army of turtle-loving volunteers. 

That’s right, locals are rocking up to beaches on a mission to clear the path for these amazing creatures to take their first swim! How beautiful is that?!

Wondering how and why volunteers are taking action? Read on for the full scoop!

Queensland volunteers help give turtle hatchlings best chance...

Why Clear the Beaches?

Hatchling season is at its peak right now, which means tons of little turtles are navigating down the beach from their nest to the ocean. While these little babies can actually climb over a fair bit, the sheer volume of storm debris along the beaches is simply un-climbable for the little critters.

Now you may be wondering: Why not just scoop ‘em up and release them into the ocean?

In alignment with the magic that is mother nature, it’s actually really important for the hatchlings to find their way to the water on their own. Doing so creates this little imprint for the turtle so that they can come back to their beach safely. 

Lucky for the hatchlings, there is now an army of beautifully kind humans working hard to clear paths for the turtles in a hurry. 

Operation Hatchlings!

While the intent of this mission was to preserve the hatchling’s march to the water, the beach cleanup has definitely shed some light on a growing problem. 

While a large portion of the debris washed up from the ocean is weeds and vegetation, the oceans have also washed in a heartbreaking vision of what’s hiding in our waters. 

Fridges, tyres, rubbish, and even a drum of Roundup have washed up on the shore, leaving locals wondering who (and why) is contaminating our planet. 

Fortunately, the busy volunteers are ensuring that none of the items returns to the water or breaks down into micro-plastics on the beaches! Of course, this does come as an eye-opening reminder to always dispose of your waste responsibly. 

Off to the Ocean!

We’re so happy to share the news that there have been zero hatchling fatalities thanks to the hard work of local turtle-loving helpers. With a whole lot of rubbish to remove, we can’t thank these kind-hearted humans enough for doing such a noble job. 

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That’s all for today folks, see you next week for more Feel Good Friday news!

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