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May 03, 2024 2 min read

Welcome back GFZ's!

We've all been caught red-handed more times than I care to admit, sneaking yet another leafy addition from the farmer's market but is anyone else struggle between the delicate balance of nurturing a thriving indoor jungle and managing the chaos of daily responsibilities? Well you're in the right place...

We'd like you to meet Louise Burr, a former Air Force Officer turned plant saviour and mother of three, this struggle hit close to home. After years of grappling with overwatering, under-watering, and the dreaded drip-drip-drip of leaky plant pots through the house, she decided enough was enough.

Enter PerkyPod, the brainchild of Burr's commitment to solving everyday problems. Inspired by her background in problem-solving and a passion for interior design, she embarked on a mission to create the world's first self-draining pot for houseplants.

"It all started with a simple desire to care for my plants without the hassle," Burr explains. "The constant guesswork of watering, coupled with the logistical nightmare of lugging heavy pots around, was enough to drive any plant parent to the brink of despair."

After a decade of planning and design, PerkyPod emerged as a game-changer in the world of plant care. Featuring a patent-pending internal drainage system and water catchment drawer, this innovative pot ensures plants receive just the right amount of hydration without the risk of soggy soil or messy spills.

But Burr's vision extends beyond mere functionality. With sustainability at its core, PerkyPod is crafted from recycled composites and promotes responsible water usage, reducing plant wastage and the need for artificial alternatives. Woot woot! Plus, its recyclable components ensure environmental consciousness from start to finish.

With PerkyPod, the days of plant fails and logistical headaches are officially a thing of the past. Ah, the joys of plant parenthood! 

Until next week GFZ's we hope you loved today's story as much as we think you'd love this one too, about Pringles shaking up the game with their once hard to recycle packaging and creating a fully-recyclable tube! 

Much love, 

GFZ Team xx 

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