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July 16, 2021 1 min read

Sydney Brewery Uses Algae To Reduce Emissions...

The legends at Young Henry's brewery have teamed up with talented scientists from the University of Technology Sydney Climate Change Cluster (C3) to make brewing craft beer more carbon neutral.

The Power of Algae...

Algae produce more than half of the world's oxygen, thanks to its strong photosynthesis skills...So technically every second breath we take is powered by algae...amazing, right?!

Research has proven that algae can be used by brewery's to consume CO2 (a byproduct of brewing beer) and transition it into oxygen.

Young Henry's Co-founder Richard believes that the skills they have with growing yeast are transferrable in the algae growth process.

Types of Algae...

There are two types of algae, macroalgae which include kelps and seaweeds and microalgae, which are tiny, microscopic plants that grow in salt and fresh water.

Young Henrys are growing the microscopic kind inside their brewery amongst their other equipment, it looks sooo futuristic! Just one millilitre of water can contain roughly 5 million microalgae cells.

Algae vs. Trees...

To put the algae power into perspective, the 400 litre bioreactor installed in Young Henry's brewery produces the same amount of oxygen as one hectare of Australian forest.

To top it off, algae that is grown can go on to have a second life as a food product, bio-plastic and more!

We love seeing businesses leading the way for innovative solutions that fight carbon emissions. Another Aussie company doing their bit for the planet. *woot woot*

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