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September 08, 2023 1 min read

Welcome back GFZs!

I have to admit, I had never thought about how tyres impact the environment and our health until I started to read more about it. 

I learned that used tyres contain materials like rubber, steel, and chemicals, and when they're not disposed of properly, they can release contaminants into the environment. These harm the soil, air, and water quality, potentially affecting our health. 

However, with proper tyre recycling and disposal practices, we make a huge impact! On to the happy news ✨

In 2009, Tyre Stewardship Australia began managing a recycling scheme for end-of-life tyres. The goal of this scheme is to ensure that all end-of-life tyres in Australia are recycled in an environmentally responsible way. This scheme requires tyre manufacturers and importers to contribute to a fund that is used to finance the collection, recycling, and disposal of tyres. And it’s working… From 2009-2021, the percentage of end-of-life tyres recycled increased by 20%. Woohoo Aussies!

Tyres are a major source of waste, but they can also be turned into a resource. By recycling tyres, we can help to protect the environment and create new products that benefit society. So let's all do our part to recycle tyres. Find your closest recycling facility that allows tyres today!

Until next week! For now, we think you’ll love our feel-good Earth news story about AI robot recycling. Enjoy!

Much love,

GFZ Team xx

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