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January 06, 2023 3 min read

8 Eco Must-Haves for Back-to-School in 2023

As the sunny summer holiday season comes to a close, children all over Australia are getting their backpacks set for school! From trusty pens and pencils to #instagram-worthy lunch boxes Aussie parents are predicted to spend a whopping$2 billion on back-to-school shopping this year. Woah.

Outside of the massive price tag, back-to-school supplies are some of the most wasteful shopping items we feel obligated to participate in. 

But what if there was a way you could fill your child’s backpack with plastic-free, long-lasting items this year? Yup, you heard us right! Follow along to discover our 8 eco-friendly must-haves for a planet-friendly return to school. 

1. Notely & Paper Saver Notebooks

First up, notebooks. Yes, they are absolutely a necessary tool for school - the wasteful nature of them, however, is not! 

Instead of picking up mass-produced notebooks, consider opting for recycled paper books such as the beautiful and functional choices fromNotely

If you don’t need lined paper, you could even opt for aPaper Saver Notebook. This book utilises your own paper waste from the office or your kid’s school to jot down notes without adding more paper to the bin. 

2. Eco-Friendly Pens

Swap your plastic pens in favour of these clevereco pens! With 50% less plastic than traditional pens and toxin-free ink, you can feel confident that your child is saving the planet while they scribble away in their notebook this year. 

Choose from clickers or lids and a variety of colours to ensure your kids have everything they need to write without waste!

3. Reusable Cups

Got a caffeine-loving teen on your hands? Save big on paper and plastic coffee and tea cups this year by sending them off with a reusable coffee cup instead. 

Pair ourSaver Sleeve with a repurposed glass jar for a unique cup or pick out a trustyHuskee Cup (in case your teen is too cool for school). 

4. Reusable Water Bottle

Another easy and long-lasting swap that saves A TON of plastic waste. 

Pick out areusable water bottle that your child will be proud to keep on hand. This not only encourages them to drink more but helps prevent them from getting their water mixed up with another child on the playground. 

5. Charcoal Water Filter

If you’ve opted for plastic bottles in the past to ensure the cleanest water,charcoal water filters will be your new best friend. 

These filters keep bacteria and unwanted contaminants away for the purest, best-tasting water in the classroom!

6. Reusable Cutlery

Sayonara plastic spoon! Pick your child up a stylish reusable cutlery set and never waste your money on single-use spoons again! 

Our cute littlereusable bamboo cutlery kit even comes with a stainless steel straw and chopsticks for Asian-inspired lunch box eats!

7. Bento Box

Speaking of lunch boxes… Whether you’re determined to impress this year with your expert-level lunch box packing or you’d simply like to keep last night’s leftovers away from plastic leaching, thebento box is the choice for you. 

With a variety of sizes for your needs, every member of the family can pack in lunch with style in a planet-friendly and endlessly reusable plastic-free lunch box!

8. Reusable Yoghurt Pouches

Last but certainly not least, our newReusable Yoghurt Pouches

With RedCycle currently on hold, those single-use yoghurt pouches are filling up the bin in a hurry. Fortunately, these reusable options make it easier than ever to send your child to school with a yoghurt snack without any added waste. 

Our favourite lunch box hack? Pop the yoghurt in the freezer the night before so that you’re kiddo’s yoghurt is still cold at snack time! Don’t worry, they are not only freezer-safe (and dishwasher-safe) but spillproof too!

Your 2023 Back-to-School Essentials

There you have it, 8 simple eco-friendly swaps for back-to-school in 2023! We hope these tips and tricks come in handy on your back-to-school shopping for this year and the years to come (hello savings!).

Have a hack we missed? We’re all in this together, that’s why we love hearing all about your swaps and secrets! Drop your back-to-school essentials swap or tip below and join the eco-friendly family community in 2023!

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