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May 20, 2022 4 min read

A Zero Waste Coffee Routine: Method, Mylks & More!  

We have brewed up another zero waste ‘How To’ for your sustainable journey, and are sharing easy steps to reduce waste from a simple everyday activity, COFFEE! 

Plastic and waste can occur in our coffee routines whether it’s takeaway cups, coffee pods or even our milk options, but by starting with even the smallest changes we can reduce so much waste and make a huge impact, without ditching our everyday little luxuries!

We have 6 tips to create your zero waste coffee routine, no matter your method, that you can implement today! 

Because after all a day without coffee is like…Just kidding, I have no idea! 

 Huskee Coffee Cups Made From Coffee Husk

1. Reusable Coffee Cups 

One of the main zero waste swaps so many of you have already made, is the replacement of take away cups with a reusable one!

It can be a Sunday morning tradition, or a must on the way to work to grab a takeaway coffee, so switching to a reusable cup can save up to 365 single use cups a year per person from landfill! YES PLEASE!

 It is estimated that over 1 billion take-away coffee cups end up in landfill in Australia every year. Whilst these cups look like paper they unfortunately have a plastic lining on the inside which prevents them from being recycled through normal processes. 

While you don’t need to immediately rush out and buy a new cup, they are an investment to the Earth and your routine, not to mention there are some GREAT ones out there, for example The Huskee Cup, which is actually made from recycled coffee husks!?! However, even a simple jar will do the trick, and we have the BEST anti-slip invention to reduce your hands from the heat too!

Alternatively, you could change the Sunday morning tradition and dine in? Make the morning of it! You deserve it ! 

2. Plastic Free Milk

Making your own milk from home just got easier! Our friends at Ulu Hye supply plastic free plant based milks to take plastic bottles and tetra packs out of our everyday routines! It’s so easy! Great for the Earth and delicious! Tick tick tick! 

Ulu Hye Mylks are a plant based paste that you combine with water in a blender. One jar makes 10 litres of milk, and you only make what you need! The team has prevented 500,000 cartons and containers from landfill and counting! The ‘mylks’ are completely plastic free and are packaged in jars, which us jar hoarders can appreciate! 

Haven’t made the switch yet to plant based milks? We have an awesome blog to get you started on an easy plant based journey here! You’d be surprised how plant based milks can be tastier than dairy milks, while also being better for our planet! 

Ulu Hye Plastic Free Nut Based Mylk

3. Coffee Pods

Pod machines took over the household coffee routine and added that ‘cafe experience’ to our homes, but what it also unfortunately added was single use plastics! However, don’t throw away that pod machine! We have solutions for you and the planet! 

Recycling programs are available, including one through us! We offer a drop off zone as well as allowing you to ship the pods directly to us to be recycled! Find out the details here!

Alternatively there are REUSABLE coffee pods that work with almost all of the mainstream machines! These have changed the game! They can save you SO much money and SO much waste! No need to ditch your pod machine! 

4. 4 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

Many of our coffee methods involve coffee grounds! Did you know your coffee grounds can actually be home composted and your garden can benefit from them due to the nitrogen?! 

We have 4 simple ideas to help you repurpose those beans while getting some self care!

  1. Home Compost! 
  2. Coffee Body Scrubs & Soaps ( see recipe below! )
  3. Natural Clothing Dye 
  4. Cleaning! Did you know coffee grounds are a great exfoliant for kitchen pots and pans and even fireplaces! 

Psst! Here’s a super quick recipe for a divine coffee body scrub:

½ cup Coffee Grounds

¼ cup Brown Sugar 

1 tbsp Salt 

¼ cup Coconut Oil  

5. Bulk Buying Beans

Many of us like to grind our own beans at home to make our grounds, or put them into our machines! The way we buy our beans can be the first place to start on your journey!

Places like The Source Bulk Foods or other bulk buy places offer beans that you can take your own bag to collect! Or some local coffee shops offer them in paper bags! 

Never be afraid to ask the questions!

6. Changing Your Method!

Changing the way you make your coffee could be the way you reduce your waste, and even improve the taste! Bonus! 

A great method that requires coffee grounds if you’re considering switching your coffee routine up, is brewing your coffee on the stove in a plunger or espresso maker! It is a great way to bring that cafe taste into your home without that instant coffee taste! Simply place the hot water and coffee grounds in and place it on the stove and you’re done! 

Or! Coffee plungers! Plungers work by using the infusion method of brewing, by first allowing the coffee to brew in hot water for a few minutes. Then, by pressing down the plunger / filter attached to the lid, you filter the coffee grounds, pushing them to the bottom of the canister! Viola! 

A reminder GFZ’s, any change is a big change, do not overwhelm yourself with needing to erase everything at once. Start with what you can, use up the rest of your pods, your milk and recycle and start where you can. 

We hope this blog has given you a‘latte’ tricks and tips (it had to be said), to building new zero waste habits to your everyday routine! Remember to take it slow, start with what you can and know that even small changes can create AMAZING impact! 

We share more stories like, on our Sustainable Living Blog! Be sure to head over there for a read! 

GFZ Team xx

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