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June 30, 2024 4 min read

Hey there, eco-warriors!

Who's ready to kick some serious plastic butt this July? That's right, Plastic Free July is finally here, and we couldn't be more pumped to help you make a massive impact!

At Go For Zero, this time of year is our jam - a time to unite and show the world how ditching single-use plastic can create cleaner communities and a thriving planet. Will you join us on this epic planet-saving adventure?

What is Plastic Free July Anyway? 

Picture this: millions of people around the globe refusing single-use plastics as much as they can for an entire month. Isn't that amazing? That's what Plastic Free July is all about!

The Plastic Free July organisation is doing seriously incredible work to educate and empower individuals to reduce their plastic waste on a daily basis. What started as a humble idea in Western Australia has now grown into a worldwide movement, inspiring millions of people across 190 countries to say "see ya!" to disposable plastics. By making simple swaps in our daily lives, we can all be part of the solution to plastic pollution.

And the best part? These small changes have a huge impact if 8 billion people would do them, and they can turn into lifelong habits for a happier, healthier future.

Why Ditch Single-Use Plastic? 

We get it - plastic is convenient. But our dependence on single-use plastics has come at a staggering cost to our planet and health.

Did you know that one garbage truck of plastic is discarded into our oceans every minute?

Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans, harming marine life and polluting our food chain. Plus, many plastics contain nasty chemicals that can leach into our food and drinks, potentially leading to serious health issues.

Want to learn more about the impact of plastic on our health? Check out our recent blog post: The Harmful Truth About (Recycled) Plastic Products here

How Go For Zero Makes Plastic Free July a Breeze 

We know reducing plastic can be overwhelming. That's why we've designed our Plastic Free July challenge to break it down into bite-sized, actionable steps. 

Each week, we'll focus on a different area of your life AND hook you up with:

  • Daily tips, tricks and easy zero waste swaps to try
  • Exclusive discounts on our top plastic-free, sustainable living essentials
  • NEW! Join our private Instagram Chat group. That right, I just set this up to give you personalised support, and you are able to ask support from others in the group too. In this group, you will also be able to me to contribute to the topics you want me to tackle or do video's you'd like to see. We've there to help each other!
  • Weekly WIN: to make your Plastic Free July journey even more rewarding, we're giving away a $50 Go For Zero gift voucher EVERY WEEK for the month of July to one lucky eco-warrior! To enter, just:
    1. Post a pic of your plastic-free swap OR your Go For Zero zero waste order
    2. Tag us @GoForZero and use #GoForZeroPFJ

Easy peasy, right?

Simple Swaps to Get You Started 

Ready to give single-use plastic the boot? Remember, it's the small, simple changes we make every day that add up to a big difference.

Here are some easy ways to get started:

  1. Get crafty and think before you toss: Repurpose old containers for storage or get creative and use them for DIY projects.
  2. BYO reusable coffee cup or dine-in at your local café - a great tip is to keep a cup or container in your car
  3. Choose loose produce over pre-packaged fruits and veggies
  4. A no-brainer but a good reminer ... bring your own shopping bags & skip the plastic ones or single-use paper ones
  5. Go for package-free bar soaps instead of liquid soap in plastic bottles

And that's just the beginning! Throughout the month, we'll be sharing heaps more ideas to help you conquer plastic in every corner of your life. Trust us, once you start swapping disposables for zero-waste alternatives, you'll be hooked faster than you can say "bamboo toothbrush"!

Your Plastic-Free July Game Plan 

We're here to support your plastic-free journey every step of the way with our themed weeks and amazing green discounts. While we don't want to give it all away yet, we will be tackling every room in your home. Yep, in one month you will learn about all the alternatives we have reseached, tested and love from Aussie and NZ companies! Psssst, we have some giveaways too.  

Remember, our team is always here to support you on this exciting journey! If you have ANY questions, reply to this email or slide into our Insta DMs - we're always down to chat zero waste and going plastic free.

Make sure you're signed up for our weekly newsletter and following us on Insta or Facebook, and join our private chat here too! We'll be dishing out more sustainability inspo and research about plastic than you can fit in a (reusable) tote bag.  

Progress, Not perfection

Remember, going zero waste is a journey, not a one-and-done deal. None of us at Go For Zero are perfect, but we're committed to learning, growing, and doing our best to ditch plastic for good. It's all about progress, not perfection!

The planet needs all of us to step up and take action. So, what do you say - ready to join us in making a difference this Plastic Free July? Let's do this together and create a world with cleaner oceans, happier wildlife, and healthier humans!

We can't wait to go on this epic plastic-free adventure with you!

Cheering you on always, 

Love Ellie & the Go For Zero team x


1. About Plastic Free July: https://www.plasticfreejuly.org/about-us/  

2. The Toxic Truth About Recycled Plastic Products: https://goforzero.com.au/blogs/zero-blog/the-toxic-truth-about-recycled-plastic-products 

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