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January 21, 2022 4 min read

Sustainable Swaps: Why Bamboo is Better Than Plastic

Since the 50’s over9.2 billion tons of plastic have been manufactured for product use. 

Although we can’t go back and undo the impact that plastic has had on our environment, we make conscious changes now to reduce the damage in the future. That’s where our trusty friend bamboo comes in.

As an ideal alternative to plastic, bamboo products are a great solution for those of us looking to ditch plastic in our daily routines. 

But is bamboo better than plastic for our planet, health, and home? Keep reading to discover the true benefits of bamboo and which side to choose in the bamboo vs plastic debate. 


The Problem With Plastic

Before we can truly understand why bamboo is a quality plastic alternative, we’ve got to touch on the devastating downsides of plastic. 

While many forms of plastic are recyclable, the fact is that millions of tonnes of plastic are still making it into landfills - or worse, our oceans - every year. Beyond this, the amount of energy it takes to recycle plastics and turn them into usable products again is pretty shocking. 

And still, even when plastics are being recycled, they still contain a number of harmful components due to the amount of processing and chemical manipulation that takes place to form usable products. The chemicals and toxins in the plastic then have the opportunity to leach into your foods, drinks, and skin. 

While we are always better off recycling than throwing it away, the only true solution to the plastic problem is to reduce consumption. And how do we do that? Why with bamboo replacements of course!

Bamboo Benefits

Now that we know why plastic should be avoided, we can focus on the positives! 

If you’re on the hunt for plastic replacements, here are a few impressive reasons to choose bamboo. 

Minimal Energy Consumption

Remember how we mentioned that plastic takes a ton of energy to produce? Let’s start the bamboo vs plastic debate here with the fact that bamboo product production is one of the lowest energy consumers out there. In fact, it’s even lower than other woods!

Because minimal processing is required to turn the bamboo into usable products, it doesn’t take much energy to take yourreusable bamboo cutlery from plant to product. 


Fast-Growing Natural Resource

One of the best features of bamboo is that it grows so stinkin’ quick! The reason this is helpful is that harvesting bamboo to make products is far less damaging then mowing down trees or conjuring up plastic. 

Because bamboo will replenish in such a short time, we can responsibly farm the plant without too much environmental impact. 

What’s more is that the naturally replenishing resource is far better for our health than those pesky plastics put together with potions and toxins. 


Because these plants only take about three years to fully mature, the cost of production is much lower than other materials (including other woods). 

Couple this with the little to no alternation that needs to be done and you’ve got a reasonably priced plastic alternative. This makesswitching your essentials far more attainable!


Beyond the lower cost of production, you can actually rely on your bamboo products to last an impressively long time! 

In fact, bamboo has earned the clever title of ‘green steel’ for its ability to stand up to all kinds of harsh elements. 

With proper care, you can get use after use out of your products. This is perfect for replacing disposables such asstraws and cutlery for on the go. 

Home Compostable

Of course, like anything, products do eventually reach the end of their life. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about recycling energy or even send your bamboo products to landfills. 

That’s because your bamboo products are home compostable! This means you can return the bamboo plant to the earth by stirring it up in your home compost system. 

This is great news for items such asbamboo cotton buds that are only used once before disposal. You can feel good about the products you are choosing when they go right back to the soil before your eyes!


Naturally Hygienic

Bamboo actually contains anti-microbial properties that make the surface naturally hygienic. This material is able to prevent the growth of bacteria all on its own, eliminating the need for chemical treatments. 

This is great news if you plan on putting your bamboo products in your mouth (hellobamboo toothbrush!). 


With no bacteria and no pesky toxins to worry about, you’re safe and sound to use bamboo cutlery, toothbrushes, andkid’s dishware over and over. 

Sustainable Industry

Another advantage to the fast-growing bamboo plant is its capacity to create and sustain jobs. 

If bamboo were to become mainstream for product production, third world countries would see a significant rise in available jobs. This has the potential to support a flourishing community and make life a little easier for those living in poverty. 

Great for The Environment

Last but certainly not least, bamboo is incredibly beneficial to the environment. The plant itself actually sinks more carbon dioxide than any other tree of comparable size and it releases over 30% more oxygen as well. 

Beyond its clean oxygen superpowers, bamboo makes the soil around it more sustainable. This protects things like soil erosion and landslides from wiping out land, animals, and plants. 

And of course, the bamboo shoots provide protective homing for insects and animals that preserve biodiversity. 

Replace Plastic with Sustainable Bamboo Products

Now that you know the answer to your burning question ‘is bamboo better than plastic’ you can make sustainable choices for your own plastic alternatives. From keeping your lunch box free of plastic to scrubbing those pearly whites with an antibacterial brush, we can’t wait to hear what your favourite bamboo products are!

Ready to start your sustainable swaps with a bamboo upgrade?Shop our selection of bamboo beauties today and ditch those plastics for good!

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