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May 31, 2022 4 min read

The Compostable Cling Wrap Debate: Why We Don’t Sell it…

Welcome back to another Sustainable Living Blog GFZ’s! 

This week we want to talk about compostable cling wrap. We get asked quite a bit about this one, especially about why we don’t stock it…

You may have started to notice compostable kitchen items, like cling wrap, hitting the stores at your local supermarkets! While home compostable cling wrap sure beats that nasty mainstream plastic cling wrap there are still some major reasons we don’t sell it…

Plastic Cling Wrap Alternatives

3 Reasons We Don’t Sell Compostable Cling Wrap:

1. Eco-Friendly Swaps Aren’t Single Use…

Every single-use item needs to be remade over and over again. So when you finish your home compostable cling wrap, you need all the energy, resources, transport, packaging to buy it again. At Go For Zero, we help you to reduce daily waste by replacing single-use items with reusable ones. Our mission is to stop it at the source! 

2. Green Habits:

Single-use cling wrap still promotes single-use habits. Sustainability is all about creating new habits by aiming to reuse and reduce. Our habits are the key to changing the world! 

3. You Need a Compost:

Some states in Australia haven’t rolled out kerbside compost bins (hello QLD’ers), so these households need a home compost bin to responsibly dispose of the product! Once in your compost it still takes half a year for it to break down and if it heads to landfill it will emit more potent greenhouse gasses (methane) than composting because it lacks the elements needed to break down. Yikes!

What happens to compostable products in landfill?

When the cling film is in landfill it can take over a year to break down, and that’s being hopeful! Some of these “compostable cling wraps” also require composting facilities and aren't suited for ‘ home composting’... This is a huge one! 

It is always important to check for home compostable over compostable! We share some more tips on how to understand the differences here

So…Here Are 5 Earth Saving Alternatives: 

1. Silicone Food Covers

Silicone food covers are the perfect waste free alternative to single use cling wrap! These covers come in multiple sizes and although give a “fixed” looking round shape they are SO versatile and stretchy to cover so many different sized containers and can even help open those tricky jar lids! 

Our silicone food covers are also suitable and safe for the fridge, freezer, dishwasher, microwave AND even the oven (up to 200 degrees). They are made from non-toxic LFGB certified silicone, which has stricter and safer testing standards than FDA approval. Their 100% food-grade silicone material allows them to be see-through and airtight while keeping your food fresher for longer.

Not to mention they can be washed and used over and over again! Tick! 

Silicone Food Covers Alternative to plastic cling wrap

2. Agreena Wrap: 

Agreena’s Wrapsare a 3 in 1 reusable silicone sheet that can be used as a baking sheet, to wrap and seal food! Made from non-toxic and 100% food grade silicone, offering multiple uses. These reusable sheets replace; cling film, aluminum foil and baking paper! You don’t only save the environment and plastic from landfill with this swap but you also save money! 

A great tip with these sheets is that you can actually cut them to make your own custom sizes for sealing bowls etc and keep one as a long baking sheet! 

Agreena Alternative To Cling Wrap 3 in 1

3. Beeswax Wraps:

You may have seen more and more people switching to beeswax wraps! Beeswax wraps arereusable, durable, water resistant andkeep your food nice and fresh! They are another easy and economical way tostep away from plastic touching your food (and the planet). 

These beeswax wraps can not only be made at home but they can be found in most health and eco stores near you and even starting to roll out in supermarkets! We love to see it! 

The wraps can last you over a year and are so easy to clean and maintain! Simply use the wrap to cover your food by molding the wax fabric using the heat of your hands, the wrap will stick and seal itself and don’t worry it doesn't leave any wax behind!

4. The Dinner Plate Method: 

Okay so this method is one that won't cost you a $! It simply uses what is around your home already! The dinner plate method is where you cover your leftover food with a plate that sits perfectly over your container or bowl! A bowl is usually used for this method to better seal where the plate meets! 

This method is perfect for quick use storage in the fridge, usually things to be used within 24 hours ! 

5. Silicone Pouches:

Our Reusable Silicone Food Pouches will help you ditch single-use plastic and store fresh and frozen veggies, meat, sandwiches, snacks or mum’s homemade soup. They are perfect for steaming veggies in the microwave, marinating roast potatoes and saving room in the fridge as they can lay flat or stand upright!

The use of 100% food-grade (LFGB certified) silicone allows them to be safe, durable and see-through for easy identification of food. Their sliding lock creates an airtight seal keeping food fresher for longer and protected from surrounding bacteria.

At the end of the day GFZ’s, any change you can make to avoid single use plastics is bettering our planet!  Saying goodbye to regular cling wrap is now easier than ever and we hope this blog has given you some helpful tips and tricks on what to look out for! !

We would love to help you adjust to one of the alternatives above and help you on your sustainable journey! Don’t be afraid to reach out to us! 

Did you enjoy this? We think you’d love one of our other fave blogs on Biodegradable Vs. Compostable and understanding responsible waste disposal! You can read more on our Sustainable Living Blog

GFZ team xx 

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