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March 17, 2022 4 min read

The Magic of Magnesium for Sleep and Other Perks!

We all know that feeling - You’ve had a long day, you’re exhausted and burnt out, and for some reason, you just can’t seem to get to sleep!

As frustration sets in, you begin to rack your brain for what’s keeping you awake - perhaps your midnight google has even brought you right here to this very page. Rest assured, if you’re looking for a sleep solution, we’ve got you covered!

From helping you wind down for the night to reducing those unpleasant aches and pains, magnesium has magician-like qualities we just can’t get enough of! Of course, there’s a reason behind all of this magic too. 

Follow along to discover how to use magnesium for sleep and the other amazing benefits you can look forward to with regular consumption!

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What is Magnesium?

First things first, let’s get a grasp on what magnesium really is! 

Known as one of the most common minerals in the world, magnesium is a key ingredient in over 600 cellular reactions in the body. These reactions are vital for organ function in the heart, hormone system, bones, digestion, and many more! 

When your body doesn’t have enough of its magnesium friend, certain functions can’t be carried out properly. This results in signs and symptoms such as:

  • Muscle cramps and spasms
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • High blood pressure
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Pregnancy discomfort
  • And even constipation

Of course, magnesium may not be the only problem causing these symptoms. If you are feeling unwell or presenting any of these symptoms, be sure to consult your physician for medical advice first!

Magnesium for Sleep

Alright, so magnesium is important for your body - but what does that have to do with your irritating sleep problem? It’s all in the chemicals (body chemicals that is!). 

When it comes to falling asleep and staying that way, your brain and body need torelax.Magnesium helps with this by stimulating yourparasympathetic nervous system to get you calm and serene. 

The best part? It’s not just a one-off! As you supplement with magnesium consistently, your neurotransmitters become more and more regulated. These signal sending pathways are then primed for optimal rest and relaxation stimulation. 

Top it off with magnesium’s ability to regulate the hormone melatonin (responsible for that sleepy state) and you’ve got a sleep solution like no other. 

This means that magnesium not only helps you fall asleep faster but also helps you achieve a deeper, more restful state of sleep that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to rock come sunrise!


The Benefits of Magnesium

Along with your regular sleep cycle, magnesium can aid in the regulation and repair of many other important systems in your body. Let’s take a look at what you can expect with a healthy daily dose: 

1. Increase Energy

As you can imagine, getting a good night’s rest plays a large role in keeping your energy up during the day. Of course, magnesium does more than that to keep you running in tip-top condition.

Along with many other important chemical reactions in the body that regulate energy, magnesium can actually help your system convert calories from food into usable energy. This means you’ll be getting more out of your diet for a longer, more sustainable energy supply!

2. Boost Performance

When you hit the gym, your body builds up lactate in the muscles. This lactate is responsible for that fatigued, sore feeling you experience during and after a strenuous workout. 

With adequate levels of magnesium present, your body can actually combat this build-up by moving blood sugar into the muscles to dispose of lactate. Less lactate can then help you work harder for longer and finally achieve those results you’ve been chasing.

3. Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Both anxiety and depression are products of a chemical response in the brain. When the signals in the brain can’t communicate properly, the body and hormones respond with feelings ofdepression and anxiety

Along with a healthy dose of self-care, magnesium can begin to regulate these systems and promote easier hormone secretion for those feel-good responses. 

4. Reduce PMS and Pregnancy Discomfort

This one is for the ladies! 

If you’ve been suffering from severePMS symptoms of pregnancy discomfort such as restless legs, aches, and pains, magnesium is the perfect addition to your daily ritual. 

Just like the hormones that promote happiness and rest, magnesium can help regulate the feminine hormones that peak and plunge right before that time of the month. Symptoms such as abdominal cramps, hormonal migraines, irritability, and bloating may all be reduced thanks to a good magnesium supply.

5. Aid in Heart Health and Inflammation

Magnesium has been shown to help lower high blood pressure. Lowered blood pressure can then aid in better heart health and a reduced presentation of inflammation. 

Once your inflammation has been decreased, your other systems can then work more efficiently to distribute vitamins and minerals throughout your body for fewer aches, pains, and restless legs!

Studies show this reduced inflammation can evenstave off problems like premature aging, chronic disease, and obesity. 


Where to Find Magnesium

Now that you know how beneficial magnesium can really be, you’re probably itching to increase your consumption, right?

Fortunately, you can easily boost your magnesium by introducing whole foods such as dark greens, leafy vegetables, beans and legumes, and nuts and seeds! In fact, even your favourite avo smash can deliver the vital nutrient in a delicious form!

If you’re struggling to eat enough of these magnesium-rich foods, a high-quality dietary magnesium supplement such as  Raw Medicine’s Re-Energise Magnesium can help your body keep up with that recommended daily dose! 

Beyond what you eat, magnesium can also be absorbed through the skin for fast-acting relief of those pesky symptoms we mentioned earlier.  Sprays and magnesium  soaks can be used to boost your stores while offering relaxing self-care rituals that amplify your results.

Magnesium Magic!

There you have it! From the science of magnesium for sleep to the amazing benefits of this essential mineral, it’s clear that magnesium should be at the top of everyone’s list.

Whether you ingest your magnesium or soak in its magic, we can’t wait to hear how increasing your magnesium works wonders for your body! Ready to experience the benefits for yourself? Pick up your high-quality,magic magnesium today!

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