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June 21, 2022 5 min read

Zero Waste Travel Essentials: Here's What We've Packed… 

We're taking you on a journey, GFZs! A journey to a sustainable planet, and here's what we've packed you!

Packing zero-waste benefits the Earth by not leaving behind any waste but also saves you SO much space in your bag! Plus…Could one of the most helpful travel essentials be in your cupboard already…?

First up! Personal Care…

There's no risk of exploding plastic bottles or tubes in your travel bag if you don't pack any, right?!

Our personal care items and toiletry bags are often where we see most of the tubes, bottles and plastic, and this is usually the same in our homes! Depending on your travels, you may have an air BnB or hotel with mini quick-use sample shampoos and lotions that we ultimately want to avoid due to their waste and often toxins too.

Allow us to show you what we’ve packed you instead… 

The Perfect Toiletry Bag: 

You may have seen our founder Ellie on the stories packing for her camping adventures or weekends away with one of our reusable silicone pouchesThese versatile pouches won't only double as the perfect snack storage for your travels but also make the ideal waterproof travel bag! Available in different sizes, they can fit so much in them and can handle so many conditions! 

Dental Care:

Toothpaste tablets are a great switch to the ever so hard to recycle mainstream toothpaste, and they also have so much convenience when travelling. Are we the only ones who have had a toothpaste tube explode in their bag? 

These Dr Robb ToothChew Tablets with Fluoride are a waste-free toothpaste alternative that have a refreshing peppermint flavour and include ingredients like Calcium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate to repair and remineralise teeth, banish bacteria and create a shiny smile. The best part about ToothChews is  not only their perfect sized travel tin but also that each chew contains precisely the ingredients needed for each brush!  

Are you after a fluoride free option? You can find our much loved Good Co toothtablets here. These are made with nHap, an alternative to fluoride and known to strengthen your enamel and reduce sensitivity

Shampoo & Conditioner:

Sometimes we can get away with not having to take our shampoos and conditioners with us depending on our travel plans but when we do there is nothing worse than carrying around a massive bottle of it. Well, we have a plan to not only save you space but save you from ever needing those giant plastic bottles in your bathroom or travel plans again.

Shampoo with a Purpose's THE O.G. Shampoo & Conditioner Bars is perfect for cleaning, nourishing & conditioning all hair types. Yep you heard that right. ALL hair types! 

They are loaded with kind and gentle ingredients, so you can use these toxin-free babies to clean your body and shave too. We love a 3-in-1. Bye-bye, toiletry bag clutter. 

Did you know? One of these eco-friendly & nutritious 135 gr bars replaces 3 bottles of shampoo & conditioner? Perfect for those embracing their zero-waste journey. 

Shampoo With A Purpose Plastic Free Shampoo

Face Cleanser:

Finding the right cleanser that is also plastic-free can be a tricky one when it comes to our skin types. 

But, search no further. We've packed it for you! The Viva La Body Cleanser Bar range offers all-natural ingredients to leave skin feeling soft and toned for sensitive, dry or oily skin types. 

Did we mention the 22g bar lasts 2-3 months!? So they'll be there for future trips and your everyday bathroom needs. 

Outdoor Adventure Essentials! 


We don’t leave home without sunscreen in our on-the-go kit!

These Aussie made plastic free sunscreens from Sunbutter or Sunslayer provide SPF 50 protection for up to 4 hours in and out of the water, and are completely reef safe. Plus they have tinted version. We are in LOVE! 

Bug Balm: 

Does anyone else feel like they become a human bug magnet as soon as they step outside? 

We have a wide range of zero waste natural and toxin-free bug repellents to keep you and our buggy pals safe! 

This natural bug balm from Beauty and The Beesis a bug deterrent with a rich lemon scent. Its 100% natural ingredients, including peppermint and lavender oils, discourage those annoying biting bugs. Plus, it's so easy to apply!

If you are after and eco vegan option, we have our 100% natural  The Physic Garden bug. balm. You'll enjoy the outdoors without itchy, unwanted bug bites. With ingredients like citronella, geranium, and eucalyptus, you’ll lovethe scent this balm brings to your outdoor adventure (but the bugs won't!). 

Or if you prefer it in a push-up tube, so it doesn't touch your hands, you can also  give this one a go by The White Pigeon Said. A terrific on-the-go swap! 

Kitchen & Laundry Essentials:  

Charcoal filter:

Avoid the unknown in the water no matter where you are! 

Charcoal has many benefits for our gut and skin, but did you know it is a great natural (and plastic-free) water filter too.

Our Activated Charcoal Filters remove nasties and bad odours from our water without stripping salts and essential minerals, so you can leave behind the 'bad stuff' without missing out on the good. Yesss please! 

These filters purify your water three times, not 2 but 3; with every use, the charcoal works to remove contaminants like dirt and debris and filter out chemicals, odours, and nasties. These are great ones to pop in your water bottle when you're out and about or when refilling from the hotel taps. Plus, they can live in your water bottle all day and take up little to no space.

Plastic Free Water Filter Charcoal Jentl

Dish block:

You best believe the dish block is coming with us; it's practically part of the family!

This multipurpose cleaning block avoids dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, spray and wipe and even a hand soap if needed. You don't even have to take the whole block! These dish blocks last sooo long, and the smallest amount goes a long way. You can cut your block or even grate up what you need for however long you're away.

You can thank us later! 

A super helpful trip essential… 

A jar! Now I know these might not be right for everyone's travel needs, but if you're off camping, away for the weekend or driving around the coast, the power of the jar is like no other. 

  1. The perfect on-the-go cup, long drives mean coffee breaks. You're sorted!
  2. Finished your coffee, took a stroll through the town, and saw some rubbish; pop it in your jar if there are no bins. 
  3. Have an early start on your travel plans? Use your jar for an on-the-go snack or breakfast jar; some overnight oats go amazing in these. 
  4. Storage of your belongings, toothbrush, hairbrush, razor & etc. 
  5. Or pack it with your dish block gratings for wash loads and dishes.

Our saver sleeves make a great duo with your jar to prevent breakage, especially for those takeaway coffee needs! 

Do we want to see a travel blog for plane travel and what to pack in your carry-on? We'd love to hear from you. 

Plus, if you loved this blog, we know you're going to love our 4 Simple Steps for How to Avoid Waste While Camping this Season. Find it over on our Sustainable Living Blog.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, 

GFZ Team xx

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