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Go for Zero - Plastic-Free July Box (Limited Edition)

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Happy Plastic-Free July! As you might know, this awareness month is by far our favourite month of the year 🥰 

So let us introduce our Plastic-Free July Box, your Sustainable Journey (Starter) Kit!Whether you are an experienced zero waster or just starting your sustainable journey, our Plastic-Free July Box will help you reduce waste and avoid nasty toxins in your personal care and cleaning routines!

This limited-edition Plastic-Free July Box, packed with 10 essential eco-friendly products is $62.40 (usually $113.45 - that's 45% off!). Reduce waste and save big – it's a win-win!

What's inside the box?

Personal Care

  • Woohoo Deodorants: try Woohoo's effective deodorant, made with only good-for-you ingredients (no aluminum or synthetics!). Choose between Wild (extra strong), Urban (normal strength) or Tango (sensitive skin)
    • 100% natural, vegan and Australian Made
    • Replaces mainstream synthetic deodorants
  • Bestselling Australian Pink Clay Soap Bar: a natural, plastic-free and hydrating body soap that is great for most skin types, including sensitive skin. 
    • 100% natural, vegan and Australian Made
    • Replaces around 4 bottles of 400ml body and hand wash
  • The Physic Garden Vapour Rub (25g): it's winter and we love our a natural, petroleum-free alternative to 'Vicks'. It contains Australian native Eucalyptus to help loosen mucus and ease congestion, Peppermint to help loosen muscles in our airways, as well as pain relieving White Camphor & anti-inflammatory Rosemary.
    • 100% natural, vegan and Australian Made
    • Replaces petrolium based Vicks
  • Ethique Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar (Sample Size - 10 uses) and Guardian Conditioner bar (Sample Size - 15 uses):  bestselling shampoo  and conditioner bar from Ethique to help you remove waste and clutter in your shower. Suitable for most hair types, even sensitive scalps. Removing waste and clutter in your shower routine.
    • 100% natural, vegan and NZ Made
    • Replaces plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles
  • Sunbutter Restorative Paw Paw Lip balm: Our lips need some extra love in winter! SunButter's Paw Paw & Peppermint Lip Balm is packed with natural Australian goodness like paw paw (rich in vitamins) and peppermint (cooling and anti-inflammatory) to heal and protect your lips.
    • 100% natural, vegan and Australian Made
    • Replaces synthetic scented and plastic lip balm tubes

Cleaning & Kitchen

  • Urthly Organics Kettle Cleaner (single): NEW - this plastic-free kettle cleaner tablet uses powerful, plant-based ingredients to remove limescale and grime, leaving your kettle sparkling clean and fume-free. You'll see you don't need chemicals to clean!
    • 100% natural, vegan and Australian Made
    • Replaces chemically formulated kettle cleaners
  • BeeGreen Food wax wraps (small) bees & flowers print: one of your favourite cling wrap alternatives!  These vibrant, reusable wraps are made with wax and plant oils to keep food fresh. Perfect for bowls, cheese, or cut fruit, they last a year and clean easily.
    • 100% natural and Australian Made
    • Replaces cling wrap
  • Go For Zero Laundry pack: our toxin-free and zero-waste laundry sample pack includes a full size stain remover stick, 2 x rust-proof Aussie Made pegs, and a sample of our dish & laundry block. Gentle on skin and tough on stains, it's perfect for travel, camping, or simply trying out eco-friendly cleaning!
    • 100% natural, vegan and Australian Made
    • Replaces harsh ingredients and plastic cleaning bottles
  • Go For Zero Sponge with scrubber: these Eco Sponges are plant-based, durable, and have a built-in scrubber for tackling messes. They're 100% natural and home-compostable, so you can clean guilt-free. They are also quite new so give them a go!
    • 100% natural and vegan, responsibly made overseas
    • Replaces plastic sponges shedding microplastics when cleaning

Naturally good for you & the planet:

  • 45% discount off the full box, saving you a whopping $51
  • Reduces waste in your home & personal care routine
  • All products are plastic-free, with packaging that is either reusable, recyclable or home compostable
  • Pack includes 10 products

Happy Plastic-Free July!

Let us know if you have any questions about the Go for Zero – Plastic-Free July Box at  askusanything@goforzero.com.au


See individual ingredients

Aussie Family behind the brand

This Plastic-Free July box supports Australian & New Zealand family owned businesses! 

Head to each product page to read the full family behind the brand story.

End of life


The stain stick, dish & laundry bar, pink clay soap bar, and pegs come package-free. 

The food wax wrap, sponge with scrubber, deodorant, ethique shampoo and conditioner all come in home compostable packaging. Don't worry if you don't have a home compost, you can also pop them into your soil. The worm will love it! 

The vapour rub comes in an aluminium tin, that can be reused or infinitely recycled. 


The Stain stick, dish and laundry block, pink clay soap, ethique shampoo and conditioner, kettle cleaner, deodorant and vapour rub will have nothing left after use! 

The stainless steel pegs will last longer than you (sorry hahahah). Pass it on to next generations. 

The beeswax wraps can go in your compost together with the sponge at the end of its life.