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April 19, 2024 3 min read

Every April 22nd, the world comes together to celebrate Earth Day, a global event held each year to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote actions to protect our planet.

Earth Day 2024 focuses on ending plastic pollution for the sake of our health and the health of our planet. They're calling for a 60% reduction in the production of ALL plastics by 2040, aiming to create a cleaner and safer environment for generations to come. Our hats are off to GFZ for working on this goal every day with us! 

While having a designated day to rally around our planet is fantastic, shouldn't every day be Earth Day? Let's delve into why this global movement is more than just a one-day affair and how we can turn awareness into action every day of the year.

Green Goals Around the Globe: Australia's Role in the International Movement

Earth Day unites countries and continents in a shared mission to protect our planet. From the rainforests of Brazil to the glaciers of Antarctica, people everywhere are joining forces to tackle climate change and preserve our precious ecosystems. Every action, no matter how small, contributes to the larger global effort.

10 Small Steps for Earth Day Every Day: Tips for Sustainable Living

  1. Ditch Single-Use Plastics: Teating with the theme, this step is one we are super passionate about, and we are here to help you every step of the way. With so many states already taking leaps to end single use plastics, we are here to make the transition easy and affordable. From eliminating shampoo bottles, toxic cleaning bottles and trigger sprays, all the way to make-up, we’ve got you! 
  2. Embrace Meatless Mondays: Reduce your carbon footprint by swapping meat for plant-based meals one day a week. You can find some recipes here too
  3. Conserve Energy: Turn off lights and unplug electronics when not in use, and switch to energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs.
  4. Opt for Sustainable Transportation: Walk, bike, carpool, or use public transportation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your daily commute.
  5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Minimise waste by choosing products with minimal packaging, repurposing items whenever possible, and recycling materials like paper, glass, and metal.
  6. Support Local and Sustainable Brands: Choose products from companies prioritising sustainability and ethical practices.
  7. Conserve Water: Fix leaks, take shorter showers, and install water-saving devices to reduce water usage at home.
  8. Create a Compost Bin: Turn food scraps and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost for your garden, reducing landfill waste.
  9. Plant Trees and Native Plants: Increase greenery and support local ecosystems by planting trees and native plants in your yard or community.
  10. Educate and Advocate: Spread awareness about environmental issues and advocate for policies and practices that protect our planet for future generations.

Earthly Updates to Go For Zero…

In the past year, Go For Zero has been busy making strides in its commitment to sustainability. Here are three updates that make us spin around in our office chairs daily:

  1. We became Carbon Positive with Trace: Woot woot! That's right, we achieved carbon positivity in partnership with Trace, meaning that the company now offsets more emissions than it creates. 
  2. B Corp Certification: After months of hard work, Go For Zero has proudly attained B Corp certification. This prestigious recognition highlights the company's commitment to meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. But it didn’t come easy! You can read more about our journey here.
  3. Expansion of Australian and New Zealand-Owned Brands: Yep! We have tested and taken so many new incredible Australian and New Zealand-owned brands. We are here to continue supporting local economies while offering customers sustainable alternatives! We would love for you to meet some of them like Hey Zomi period care and Scoop make-up!

Earth Day may come and go, but its message stays with us. Let's embrace our inner eco-warrior and make every day Earth Day, because when it comes to saving our planet, there's no time to waste.

Until next week GFZ’s, happy Earth Every-day. And if you are keen to make some swaps, you can find our bestsellers here too!

Much love,

GFZ Team xx 

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