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April 12, 2024 3 min read

Welcome back GFZ's!

This one is about recycling, but before we jump in, I can't write this without saying we need to remember that reducing waste is the best option for our planet and health. This is what Go For Zero is all about. However, we can't stop using blister packs or wearing shoes... so that is where Recycle Smart comes in. Learn more about recycling your hard-to-recycle items with this Australian pick-up recycling program. Spoiler alert, it is the most affordable option out there.

What is Recycle Smart?

Recycle Smart is an Australian company that collects hard-to-recycle things - right from your doorstep. In 2023, they introduced their game-changing Power Pick-up service in Melbourne and Brisbane... and it was a hit! Ever since, they have been the Uber of waste, shaking up the recycling game for households and businesses alike. 

Their mission is to accelerate Australia's transition to a circular economy by recovering as many hard-to-recycle materials as possible while making it easy for Aussies. They do this by picking up your recycling right at your doorstep.

And here is the good news...  (hold onto your recycling bins)... they're going national! Recycle Smart is available in Newcastle, Gold Coast, and Byron Bay since March, with plans to conquer Adelaide later in 2024. Woot woot!

What can you recycle with Recycle Smart? 

They have a loooong list of hard-to-recycle items they collect including:

  1. Bisterpacks, coffee cups and soft plastics
  2. Clothes, shoes, accessories and linen in any condition.
  3. Small items that use electricity with a plug or batteries. E.g. mobile phone, laptop or kettle.
  4. Polystyrene, batteries, or lightbulbs... and much more!

Find the full list here, and a printable version to pop on your fridge here

How to book a pick-up from Recycle Smart?

They take all the hassle out of recycling your hard-to-recycle items:

  1. Check if they pick up in your area here.
    • They are still growing and adding cities, so fingers crossed you can use their service!
    • Pssst Sunshine Coast, there are rolling out in our area very very soon
  2. Make an account with them here and schedule a pick-up
    • Two grocery bags worth of your hard to recycle items is $15. You can also book a monthly pick-up. See the prices here
  3. Leave your bags outside of your house for them to collect on pick-up day

You can use ANY grocery bag for your collection. Recycle Smart will recycle plastic bags or leave reusable ones behind. They also offer specialised bags for various recyclable materials, allowing you to sort your hard-to-recycle waste easily. Just remember to keep the bags away from anything you don't want to be collected on your doorstep, like your doorstep shoes, haha!

Final thoughts... 

It's not just about collecting your blisterpacks or soft plastics; it's about giving you a channel to recycle all items that could end up in landfills or not make it through the standard recycling steam as they are simply not accepted.  Goodbye wish-cycling! 

What are your thoughts on Recycle Smart? Is this a service you could get behind? We'd love to hear from you! Leave us a comment below. 

Until next week GFZ's, thanks for tuning in again, if you fancy some more happy Earth news, we think you'd love this story here about Dempstah: Revolutionising Textile Recycling Down Under, it's a goodie! 

Much love, 

Ellie xx 

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