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January 27, 2022 1 min read

By 2040, it's predicted that only 40% of the world's population will eat meat...

This stat seems a little hard to believe right now, but what if I told you there's a product out there that tastes like meat, looks like meat, but is created using a 3D printer instead of a cow?!

Redefine Meat creates ground-breaking plant-based products...

Israeli start-up Redefine Meat has developed a solution that bridges the gap for those wanting to transition to a vegan diet without sacrificing their favourite meat-based recipes.

Their 'meat-like' products are 3D printed from plant-based ingredients that are free from GMOs, antibiotics, cholesterol, and animals! 

They have studied meat's complex structure down to its molecular composition, understanding what drives each sensory process during consumption. Their meat-free products are able to re-create this experience on every level for various different cuts of meat, from a juicy steak to a smokey brisket!

The process...

The future of Redefine Meat...

They have launched in Israel, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, and just scored $135 million in funding to scale operations further. *woot woot*

They were able to produce 50 tonnes of plant-based meat in 2021 alone!

Whilst not everyone is keen on eating meat replicas, these innovative ideas are definitely making it easier for a large chunk of the population to make the transition to a vegan diet!

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