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A grocery store with prices based on carbon emissions...

October 22, 2020 2 min read


Image: newfoodmagazine.com

Food production is responsible for a quarter of global carbon emissions.

Climate Store by Felix, is a grocery store in Sweden that prices products based on environmental footprint. The higher the CO2 emissions produced throughout the supply chain, the higher the price!

Why is carbon-priced food exciting?

It highlights the impact of animal-derived foods over plant-based options. If you're unsure why certain meats like lamb and beef have such a massive impact, think of all the water, land, energy, and other resources required to farm the food that feeds farmed animals. I never really understood until someone explained that to me.

Grocery shopping it can be hard to know the footprint behind each item you grab off the shelves, however this system educates and encourages consumers to think about it at the point of purchase.

To halve their climate impact, Climate Store states that every customer must stick to a weekly budget of 18.9 kilograms of CO2 spendings.

We think this idea is awesome at highlighting the real cost of different foods for the planet and encourages people to embrace more plant-based items that are grown locally.

Spread the word so companies can be more transparent about the environmental footprint of their products!

Climate Store In Sweden


At go for zero we believe positive news about the environment is far more motivating than fear-based stories! We share these stories to warm your heart, spread positivity, and inspire action. There are so many game-changing individuals, companies, and non-profits out there implementing real solutions that combat climate change, pollution, and other critical issues!

If you love this story, spread the word, send it to a friend, family, or colleagues, your voice is more powerful than you think! Stay positive 💓

With love,

The GFZ team xx



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