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New shipping model that cuts emissions by 90%...

October 30, 2020 2 min read


Did you know...

The cargo shipping industry is responsible for roughly 2% of emissions globally.

Electrifying transport has been a challenge in the commercial aviation and freight shipping industry.

However, change has to happen.

A solution for sustainable shipping...

This is why Wallenius Marine, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and SSPA have collaborated to build the 'Oceanbird'. A wind-powered cargo vessel that reduces emissions by 90%.

Here's why this solution is a serious contender to solving global shipping emissions:

  • It will reach a speed of 10 nautical miles per hour and be able to cross the Atlantic in 12 days, compared to 8 days for fossil fuel powered ships with a heavier carbon footprint.
  • It's 200 meter long and 40 meter wide design allows it to carry 7,000 cars (or any weight equivalent).
  • It's 80 meter 'sails' replicate airplane wings for forward propulsion. They are twice the height of masts on the largest conventional sailing vessels on the seas today.

Even though this company is still in the design phase (aiming for a 2024 roll-out), it is a beginning of a new era and a massive step towards a more sustainable shipping industry. It opens up the idea for emission-free cruise ships too.

This gives us butterflies, we love seeing the game-changing solutions companies are developing!


At go for zero we believe positive news about the environment is far more motivating than fear-based stories! We share these stories to warm your heart, spread positivity, and inspire action. There are so many game-changing individuals, companies, and non-profits out there implementing real solutions that combat climate change, pollution, and other critical issues!

If you love this story, spread the word, send it to a friend, family, or colleagues, your voice is more powerful than you think! Stay positive 💓

With love,

The GFZ team xx


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