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Aussie scientists discover a 500m tall coral reef...

October 30, 2020 2 min read

Schmidt Ocean Institute Discover New 500m Tall Australian Reef

Image via: schmidtocean.org/

Scientists from James Cook University have discovered a 500m tall detached coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef. They were abroad the Schmidt Ocean Institute's research vessel during a 12-month exploration of Australian oceans. The first reef to be discovered in 120 years!

How did they discover it?

They conducted a dive with an underwater robot (SuBastian) on the 25th of October that was live-streamed and uploaded to their Youtube channel, you can check it out here.

According to the research leader, Robin Beaman, the reef appeared more vibrant than others with a thriving coral community at the pinnacle.

SuBastien The Underwater Robot

SuBastian the underwater robot via Schmidt Ocean Institute

How big was the reef?

The base of the reef is 1.5km wide, its tallest point is 500m, with the tip being 40m below sea level. With new technology, researchers now have the ability to access unseen sights and discover new ecosystems and species.

What else did they discover on their voyage?

During the Schmidt Ocean Institute's year-long Australian campaign they've discovered the following:

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