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A 'poo-powered' car in Australia...

October 22, 2020 1 min read

Worlds First Poo Powered Car
photo via: Urban Utlities

How does it work?

Does it smell? Can I use my own? Does the car leave skid marks... (🤣)

Before more questions flood your mind ha ha. Let's just make it clear that the car doesn't run directly off poo...It is an electric car that runs off power that is generated from human waste at the Oxley Creek Resource Recovery Centre.

How much waste is used per car?

Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) can convert the waste from 300,000 people to electricity that can power electric cars and their sewage treatment plant. It takes 150,000 liters of sewage to power their latest model, which is the equivalent to the sewage from roughly 1,000 people.

The car doesn't produce any emissions and its design doesn't even have an exhaust pipe.

This is an example of how modern sewage treatment plants can recover waste materials and turn them into something useful...Did we mention this helps the plant save $2.5 million each year in energy costs?!

Saving money and repurposing waste, a win-win!



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