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May 31, 2023 2 min read

A Solution to Medical Waste: Introducing Plastic-Free Blister Packs

GFZ’s, prepare yourselves for a packaging revolution! Say goodbye to those plastic blister packs and welcome a sustainable superhero onto the stage. Meet Paper Blister, the environmentally-friendly blister pack alternative leading the way in sustainable packaging, revolutionising the industry with its commitment to eco-friendliness. That will leave you feeling like a responsible consumer 

Let's dive into the world of Paper Blister and discover the exciting journey of this innovation.

Paper Blister Packs Medical Waste Solution

A Splash of Eco-Friendliness…

Imagine a world where blister packs don't have to be sent to us or end up in landfills. Paper Blister is here to make that dream a reality! These ingenious packages are crafted using recyclable materials and feature a paper base instead of plastic. More on this below...

Why Recycled Materials?

Paper Blister isn't just about reducing plastic waste; it's also about repurposing. It takes advantage of recycled paper, including cardboard, newsprint, and even paper pulp. By giving new life to these materials, They showcase the versatility of recycled packaging.

But what about air, moisture & other factors? We thought you’d never ask! This clever innovation is equipped with specially developed organic coating, which is recyclable and compostable (excited compost nerd dance), more on this below. 

Customise Your Paper Blister…

One of the fun features of Paper Blister is its customisable nature. Say goodbye to generic, dull packaging! Paper Blister offers a wide range of options for customisation. From vibrant prints and patterns to unique shapes and sizes, the possibilities are endless. Hello, bright pink and green blister packs

Recycling and Circularity Made Easy…

The main issue with blister packs so far is that they are so hard to recycle, but Paper Blister makes recycling a breeze. Its recyclable materials can be easily separated, ensuring that each component finds its way to the correct recycling stream. They have even replaced the usual aluminium foil seal from conventional blisters with an organic coating sealing paper, the entire paper blister can be disposed of in recycle bin or compost. Either path will enable our blister to return to the planet.

Join the Paper Blister Movement:

Paper Blister isn't just a product; it's a movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. Paper Blister serves as an inspiration for other brands and consumers to adopt eco-friendly packaging solutions. By supporting companies that embrace this innovation, we all become an advocate for change. 

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Until next week GFZs! 

Much love, 

GFZ team xox

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