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June 08, 2023 2 min read

Woolworths Charging Ahead With Their 2023 Zero Emissions Goal…

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In an electrifying twist towards a greener future, supermarket giant Woolworths has rolled out their plan to decommission 3000 diesel trucks and shift gears to over 1200 electric vehicles for grocery deliveries. (Shift gears, see what I did there…)

This bright idea aims to put a fresh spin on transport pollution reduction while leaving a trail of eco-friendly tire tracks. Let's unpack this happy earth news story and discover how Woolworths is charging ahead with its sustainable delivery fleet!

Woolworths CEO's Vision…

Brad Banducci, the Chief Executive Officer of Woolworths, is committed to a low-carbon future. By unplugging from diesel and plugging into electric trucks, Woolworths is amped to cut 60% of its transport emissions by 2030. Banducci is prepared and ready to not only make suburban streets quieter but also to spark a trend-setting example for other businesses to join the move towards Australia's EV industry.

Electric Trucks Hitting the Road & Encouraging Industry-Wide Change…

Over the next two months, Sydney will introduce 27 electric trucks through the city, inner west, eastern suburbs, Sutherland Shire, and the St George region. Recharging at Woolworths' Mascot and Caringbah fulfilment centres, these "charged-up chariots" are ready to zip through traffic and deliver goods with a silent, powerful force!

Greenpeace Australia Pacific is buzzing with excitement over Woolworths' electrifying commitment. Violette Snow, their senior campaigner, believes that ditching diesel for zero-emission electric vehicles powered by renewable energy is a "current" of change that should send shockwaves through the industry. Woolworths is truly leading the way, setting them apart from their competitors and leaving them with a powerful move to follow.

With Coles already testing the electric delivery waters in collaboration with logistics giant Linfox, and Aldi giving their refrigeration an electric makeover in the UK, Woolworths' electrifying announcement adds some serious voltage to the push for sustainable delivery fleets. It's high time heavy vehicles get a watt of attention, as they contribute to a shocking 38% of transport emissions in Australia. To drive this change forward, the Australian Trucking Association, Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia, Electric Vehicle Council, and Australian Hydrogen Council are urging the government to spark a national policy for zero-emission trucks and revamp weight and size restrictions to give more green trucks the green light. Woot Woot! 

Woolworths' electrifying commitment to ditch diesel and embrace electric vehicles for their home delivery services is truly a charge in the right direction! 

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