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Australia's 'Donation Dollar'...

September 10, 2020 2 min read


The Royal Australian Mint has released a coin with a design that encourages people to give it away.

Aussies are already known for lending a hand when a hand is needed. The coin aims to make an on-going impact on the lives of Aussies in need.

The Mint is producing 25 million 'donation dollars' over the next 3 years in the hope to boost Australia's level of charitable behaviours, not just in times of crisis, but all year round, in smaller amounts, and more often.

The coin design...

The coin has a green centre that features a gold ripple...

...to symbolise the ongoing positive 'ripple effect' that each coin can create.

The coin is backed by 57% of Aussies saying they would donate it if they found it in their change.

The coins impact...

The overall aim is to get people to stop and think about charities and those around them that are struggling. If we all donated 1 dollar a month, we'd raise an additional 300 million dollars annually.

A small coin, made to make a big difference.

Did you know we donate a dollar to a cause of your choice every time you place an order with us? You can help clean the sea, feed an Aussie in crisis, or plant a tree. Read more here. 💓 🌏


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