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Aldi to use 100% renewable power by 2021...

September 03, 2020 2 min read


The only supermarket in Australia to never offer a single-use plastic bag is upping its game! After a successful 40% reduction in operational emissions from 2012 to nowAldi has decided to cut this even further by moving to 100% renewable energy by 2021. 

How will Aldi move to renewables?

They will be powered by wind and solar farms located in NSW and Victoria, as well as roof solar panels that will be added to the roofs of 250 stores and 6 distribution centers (a total of 102,000 panels). The largest commercial and industrial solar rollout to date. 

This will remove a total of 201,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

The equivalent of taking roughly 11,700 cars off the road or powering 7,000 homes per year. 

With 555 stores and 8 distribution centers, Aldi is the 64th biggest user of electricity in Australia. Their goal is to show customers that how they conduct business is as equally important to the value they offer.

Aldi understands that they still have a lot of work to do, but they will continue to work with business partners to reduce emissions and prioritise renewable sources. We hope their large scale move to renewable energy sources inspires the rest of the top energy users to make the switch. 💓 🌏

At go for zero we believe positive news about the environment is far more motivating than fear-based stories! We share these stories to warm your heart, spread positivity, and inspire action. There are so many game-changing individuals, companies, and non-profits out there implementing real solutions that combat climate change, pollution, and other critical issues!

If you love this story, spread the word, send it to a friend, family, or colleagues, your voice is more powerful than you think! Stay positive 💓

With love,

The GFZ team xx




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