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May 24, 2024 3 min read

Welcome back GFZ's!

This week, we bring heartwarming news from our charitable donations partner, i=Change. While most families are doing it tough with home budgets tighter than ever, i=Change reached a staggering milestone: over 10 million donations! They achieved this by partnering with businesses (like Go For Zero :)) that give back to the community with every order.

Let’s talk about making a difference—real, tangible, life-changing difference by working together.

How i=Change Works: Empowering Businesses To Be a Force For Good

i=Change is a platform that connects businesses with various charities. When companies collaborate with i=Change, they donate $1 from every order made through i=Change. The donations are fully transparent, and every cent goes directly to the chosen cause. This transparency is one of the primary reasons we chose to partner with i=Change.

Companies can select three charities they are passionate about. We, for example, chose ‘Feeding Aussies in Need’, ‘Clean the Ocean’, and ‘Plant a Tree’. When customers make a purchase online, they have the opportunity to choose one of the three charities to which they want the company to donate $1 from their order. In this way, we donate, but you get to choose the recipient of the donation.

The Impact of i=Change Donations

The impact of i=Change's donations is profound:

  • 2 Million Lives Impacted: Providing essential resources and support to those in need.
  • 8 Million Kg of Carbon Stored: Helping mitigate climate change.
  • 7.5 Million Kg of Sediment Removed: Improving water quality and ecosystems.
  • 500,000 Kg of Plastic Removed from the Sea: Protecting marine life and oceans.

These numbers aren't just stats; they represent real change, hope, and people making a difference in the world. While this journey has been long (most of these 10 million donation funds have been raised in the last three years), this rapid growth signals a powerful shift—consumers are beginning to demand that the businesses they support are actively helping to build a better world.

Our Donations and Commitment to Transparency & Authenticity

At Go For Zero, transparency is a big part of why we are here.

We've always aimed to be the most transparent and honest business possible; we have nothing to hide. I’m willing to shave my armpits in front of 50,000 people on social media to educate customers, share honest reviews of products we test and ensure we completely trust products and companies before we onboard them, but also lay bare our failures and mistakes to help others avoid them.

This is why we chose i=Change—they're the most authentic and transparent donations platform in Australia. We know, without a doubt, that our donations reach charities and make an impact. This aligns perfectly with our brand values, ensuring honesty and transparency in everything we do.

We partnered with i=Change on 1 September 2020, and in less than four years, we've donated an incredible $57,500! Our impact includes:

  • Providing 37,200 meals to Aussies in need with Foodbank Australia.
  • Cleaning up 24,200 kg of plastic from our oceans with Seabin Australia.
  • Planting 15,860 trees

You can track our impact at any time here!

Additionally, we've also held events with i=Change that have doubled our donations, thanks to your incredible support! For example, on International Women's Day, we also supported causes like keeping girls in school, ending violence, stopping child marriage, protecting women, educating girls, supporting children. We have also run special events for rewilding Australia, responding to earthquakes, and other environmental and humanitarian crises around the globe.

Join Us on This Journey

Our partnership with i=Change exemplifies our commitment to making a positive impact by giving back to the community. Together with you, we're building a cleaner, greener, and fairer world.

So, here's to the 10 million donations—and many more to come. Let's keep pushing forward, one small change at a time. 🌏💚

If you'd like to fill your day with some more happy Earth news like this, we think you'll love our recent story about A Pick-Up Service for Your Hard-To-Recycle Items in Australia. It's a goodie! 

Until next week, 

Much love! GFZ Team xoxox 


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