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March 03, 2023 2 min read

Cleaning Up Australia...

The first Sunday of March marks a very dear day in our hearts - Clean Up Australia Day! While we feel this day is every day, Clean Up Australia day is getting Aussies together and sharing awareness and education about cleaning up our beautiful home.

With this year's clean-up right around the corner, you can join in too! Ready to see how can you get involved in cleaning up our big mama?

Let's dive into the deets!

What is Clean Up Australia Day?

The day marks an annual event in which millions (over 20 million over the years) of people get together and start collecting rubbish.

You may have seen existing events pop up in your area maybe at the beach, the park, or even city-wide. Of course, anyone can start an event or tackle collections solo or as a small group.

This year (2023), the event takes place on March 5th, and there’s still time to register and take part! Simply head to their website and gather your own cleaning-up materials for Sunday. Or check out their other events and education platform and hold your own collection at any time. 

The Impact...

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Clean Up Australia Day, you may be wondering, what kind of impact can be made by participating in just one day? 

Well... last year 934,433 Aussies donated over 1.8 million hours of their time to 12,474 registered clean-up sites. Um wow! 

These volunteers cleaned, fixed up, and brought awareness to our environment's need for love in a big way. Of course, the most exciting part of all of this is that while all of these individuals helped clean, they were also setting some pretty promising goals for the year ahead. 

Thousands committed to making small but massively sustainable changes in their lives such as swapping to reusables. After all, reducing our use is the only sustainable way to clean up our planet!

Clean Up Australia!

Now that you know about Clean Up Australia Day, we can’t wait to hear how you are getting involved. Perhaps you are already part of a clean-up crew, or you're ready to start building a team and event for next year. 

Whatever way you are helping clean up, we’re so proud and excited to see Go For Zero-ers around the country chipping in. Way to go crew!

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