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September 02, 2022 2 min read

Coles to Trial BYO Container Program…

GFZ's, we have a code green. I repeat a code green! 

Coles is allowing us to BYO containers to its deli department, and we couldn't be more stoked! In fact, can we get a "woohoooo!"? 

And the best part? There are apparently no container size restrictions. Hello, 6kgs of olives! Just kidding, we'd be stuffed, see what I did there. 

But, there are just a few conditions you should know about, why this is so important, some expressed confusion and which locations are first to start the incredible trial!

Coles BYO container program

Conditions & Confusion Around the Program…

So with this great step forward, some conditions raised some concern among the community.

The conditions of your BYO container must be: 

  1. Ensure your container is clean and intact. Check! 
  2. It must have a resealable lid. Check! 
  3. Your container cannot be glass or ceramic, hmm. 

Coles has explained that they have had to choose only to use plastic containers to avoid shattering glass and breakage in the store. The condition has raised some disputes, and we know this doesn't sit well with all of us. After all, there are glass jars on the shelves that could do the same, right? 

But, while it seems to defeat the supermarket's push for minimal environmental impact, we are now accepting this as a win and a step forward. We are in high hopes of seeing the trial broaden the container material allowance and help reduce the tic waste from the deli department! 

Coles BYO container trial

Which Locations Will Be the First to Experience the Trial?

The trial will begin in select South Australian stores, with a possible national rollout if customers respond positively. 

*Moves to South Australia to respond overly positive* 

5 Other Ways We Can Reduce Our Waste & Impact When Grocery Shopping

  1. Bring your produce & shopping bags
  2. Opt for glass or aluminium packaging
  3. Use the bulk food dispensers (We grab one of the mushroom bags, too, haha)  
  4. Choose loose fruit and veg without packaging 
  5. Shop at local farmer's markets or bulk food stores when possible.

The Coles BYO initiative is not only to work towards their Together to Zero Waste ambition but also is a considerable change from the impact of our voices and consumption behaviour as individuals, so go you! 

Things are changing GFZ's. We can feel it. 

Know of another fantastic 'reusables' initiative taking place near you? We'd LOVE to hear from you at askusanything@goforzero.com.au .

Plus, if you loved this good Earth news story, we think you'll love the story about money saving ugly vegetables filling bellies not landfill! Enjoy! 

Until next week GFZ’s. 


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