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November 03, 2022 2 min read

From Ceramic Waste To Self-Powered Appliance…

Welcome back, GFZ's. We have reached yet another Friday, so it is time for our favourite segment. Some feel-good Friday news! Can we get a "woot woot" from those in the back?

This week's story gets our crafter-noon mind going and our eco hearts pumping as a student has found a way to turn waste into a beautiful and practical home appliance.

Plus, this marvellous invention doesn't need to be plugged in at all and requires no electricity to function. In the middle of skyrocketing energy and living costs, this creation could not come sooner! Ready to find out what it is?

Okay, okay, I'll tell you … 

Meet Jiaming Liu, a design student from Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany, who has created a simple-to-use home humidifier from recycled ceramics called The Print Clay Humidifier.

Humidifiers release water vapour or steam to increase moisture levels in the air (humidity). These are built into home heating and air conditioning systems or sold as separate appliances that you would plug into the wall. Unlike mainstream humidifiers, this invention 3D prints half-moon shapes 3D printed recycled ceramics clay and a binding product called clinker (consists of minerals like chalk). The bottom of the half-moon is glazed, allowing it to collect and hold water. 

Did you know that 3D printing improves the absorption rate of the clay mix material? We only just learnt that too!

How Does The Clay Humidifier Work?

Liu says his humidifier is inspired by how trees work in nature: "The bottom water storage part is like the ground and soil. The extension curves [which are inside the water container] are like the roots of a tree absorbing water. The main part carries water upwards and radiates, like tree trunks and branches." 

You had us at soil Liu. 

So then, any water that collects in the bottom draws up through the vessel's walls and evaporates. 

This creation is space-friendly, cost-friendly, and simple to use and maintain, and our favourite part is that it recycles waste. Well, excuse us while we raid the op shops for ceramics. 

So will we start to see these fantastic inventions on the shelves at our local Good Guys? Well, the great news is that Liu said he'd be happy to bring them to the market and gave us insight that a smaller-scale model works as an aroma diffuser too! Um, hi, over here, please! One for every room of my house, thanks! 

We are in high hopes that other manufacturers see this creation as a way to cater to the demand and still bring comfort to our planet!

We hope this story has fueled your Friday with good news, GFZ, and you have the motivation and happiness you need to keep doing good for our planet! Thank you for staying until the end and being here with us! 

If you loved this story, you have to check out one of my faves about furniture made from recycled coffee grounds, and it caffeinated the soul, that's for sure! 

Much love! 

GFZ team xx 

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